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Ella’s Kitchen #VegForVictory

February 11, 2017

As the parent of a fussy eater (Tigger), I am all too familiar with the struggles of getting little ones to try new foods. A mixture of mummy guilt as to whether I made him a fussy eater and comments from those viewing our situation. The truth is that Tigger ate a wide range of foods up until he had chicken pox and was so very poorly that he ended up in the hospital. Since then we have had some trying times when it comes to food.

When it came time to wean Piglet I was (and still am) very anxious that she would be fussy too. Although I attempted to wean her at the recommended 6 months she wasn’t interested. It wasn’t until she was around 9 months did she really start to wean. Opting for a mixture of baby led weaning and spoon-feeding. It has gone quite well, however, it was only when Ella’s Kitchen contacted me regarding their #vegforvictory campaign that I questioned just how much vegetables she has in her diet.

Ella’s Kitchen #VegForVictory

Ella’s Kitchen recently challenged Piglet and me to undertake their 14-day #vegforvictory challenge. Taste testing different vegetables for 14 days to see how we got on introducing more vegetables into her diet.

A little boy sitting on a table

We were kindly sent a large vegetable hamper and a selection of Ella’s Kitchen First Taste pouches. Many of the vegetables we received I have to confess to not buying very often. So this gave us the perfect opportunity to try a range of vegetables and see which Piglet preferred.

During the 14 days, I shared some of our #vegforvictory journey over on our Instagram account

During the 14 days, it was interesting to see how Piglet got on with some of the vegetables that she hadn’t tried before. The majority of the vegetables she ate and enjoyed. However, carrots, Brussel sprouts, and cauliflower didn’t go down quite so well. She does love cauliflower cheese so it’s good to know that whilst she might not munch on plain cauliflower I am able to add it to a dish.

The #vegforvictory campaign has made me more aware of adding different vegetables alongside her meals and that I need to keep trying her to see if one day she’ll be happy to eat carrots etc.

Disclosure: We received a vegetable hamper FOC for the purpose of the #vegforvictory campaign.

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