Dundee V&A Museum - educational attractions in Scotland

11 Educational attractions in Scotland perfect for your kids

August 7, 2021

Occupying the children during the summer holidays or even on the weekends is not always easy. While you may want to do something, you might also want to make a day trip out worthwhile and educational. Sometimes it is nice to do something fun, but everyone can come away having taken something different from the experience.

So if you are considering the extended break ahead, you finished all the tasks and assignments at school or have found a professional writer who would help to write my college essay for me, then here are some of the best educational attractions in Scotland perfect for your kids.

Science and Technology

Science and Technology are often two very interesting subjects for children. It can be a great way for them to learn new things, and often it involves experiments and hands-on learning. Here are some of the best science and technology attractions in Wales. 

National Museum of Scotland - educational attractions in Scotland

Dundee Science Centre

This is one of the best museums in Scotland and it is full of scientific knowledge and know-how. Here you will be able to explore many different exhibits on an array of subjects. You will also find that there are some incredible interactive experiments and exhibits that all children can get involved with. A great one to consider for all children. 

National Museum of Scotland 

While it may not be a museum dedicated to science and technology, you will find so many incredible things here. There are a lot of interactive exhibits that will get your children involved, and there is a lot to see for a big day out. 

Glasgow Science Centre

For any budding scientists, you should check out the Glasgow Science Centre. Here you will find plenty of exhibits and exciting things to learn about as well as get involved in. Many children love the idea of trying different science experiments and it could encourage a love for science from many reluctant children. 

Camera Obscura and World Of Illusions

If you want to be amazed then your children will love heading to Camera Obscura and the world of illusions. There are some amazing exhibits here. Some will get the mind working. There is also a 15-minute show that discusses and shares Edinburgh’s rich history. Once you are in you will find 100 exhibits that are designed to blow your mind. A great educational attraction that the kids will love. 


Some children and parents are fascinated by history, and Wales has an abundance of historical sites waiting for you to explore. It is one of the countries part of the UK that has many castles and historical buildings. So if history is your thing, then here are some of the things that you can do. 

Edinburgh Castle - educational attractions in Scotland

Stirling Castle

A great place that has art and culture at the heart of it, Stirling Castle really is a historical masterpiece. The stunning architecture will have your mouths open in awe but there is also plenty to see and do inside as well. Dating back to the 16th century, there is plenty of historical facts and Scottish history to get your teeth stuck into. A great day out that the whole family can enjoy. 

Edinburgh Castle 

Scotland has a fantastic collection of regal castles, but one of the most iconic is the one you will find in the capital, Edinburgh. Edinburgh Castle sits up high and overlooks the city. Just like Stirling Castle, Edinburgh Castle was home to some of the most iconic names of Scottish Royal history. So there is plenty to see and do while you are there. 

Climate and the environment 

It is so important these days to consider the environment and climate. With climate change making the headlines almost daily, it is important that we educate our children about the different environments and the impact we can all have on the planet. So there are many attractions focused on this, here are a few worth visiting.

Duthie Park Winter Gardens 

A great place in Aberdeen where you can be in an environment filled with plants and flowers. It allows you to experience a different habitat in which climate is important. 


Of course, there are plenty of other attractions that are educational that children will enjoy as well as parents. So here are some of the things that would still be well worth a visit with your kids. 

Deep Sea World - educational attractions in Scotland

Almond Valley Museum, Farm and Discovery Centre

For anyone who loves animals, Almond Valley Farm is the place to go. There is an amazing petting farm where you can get up close to the animals and really learn about the surroundings and where food items come from. You can also enjoy the fields and wooded areas, as well as the discovery centre and museum onsite. So much to see and do that the whole family will love. 

Deep Sea World

If your children are fascinated by all things sea life, then this is one of the best places to take them. Not only is it educational in terms of everything to do with what happens under the sea, but while you are there you will be able to see some incredible fish and other sea creatures. It is the national aquarium, so this is where it is at when it comes to sea life. A great day out for the kids. 

The National Museum of Flight

This may seem like a strange option to share, but aviation is a big part of the world now and there is so much history associated with it. From the types of aircraft that used to fly to the way engines have been adopted because of the evolution of technology. This is a fascinating place and great for kids who love aviation, but also interesting for anyone who may not have had a passion for it before. 

Discovery Point

Home to where some of the Antarctic vessels are created, you will find the Discovery centre. Built on an adventure and a sense of knowledge, this place is a little more unusual than your typical educational attractions. It is more associated with design and technology and is definitely a great one to consider the whole family will love. 

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