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12 Educational attractions in England perfect for your kids

July 31, 2021

Occupying the children during the summer holidays or even on the weekends is not always easy. While you may want to do something, you might also want to make a day trip out worthwhile and educational. So if you are considering this then here are some of the best educational attractions in England perfect for your kids. 

Science and Technology

Many children are fascinated by science, how things work, and also technology old and new. So here are some of the best science-related attractions perfect for your kids. 

Pattern Pod at the Science Museum, London - educational attractions in England
Science Museum in London, UK

Science museum – London 

One of the best science museums in the UK has to be the Science museum in London. Here you will find endless exhibits dedicated to sharing some of the best discoveries from the past and what the future might hold. There are a lot of interactive exhibits for children to get involved with. Whether it is civil engineering, robotics, or even technology advancements, there is something for everyone. 

Museum of Science and Industry – Manchester 

The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester covers every aspect of science and industry to cover all interests that your child may have. With interactive exhibits, and exhibits focusing on subjects like textiles and steam technology, there is a lot to explore here and it is a fantastic educational day out. 

Jodrell Bank – Cheshire 

A unique and educational attraction in Cheshire is to visit Jodrell Bank. Here you will get to see the Grade I listed Lovell telescope, as well as explore other astronomy and discovery exhibits. Here there is also a lot to do outside, and there is a great play area and picnic area. 


Some children are really interested in history, particular periods of the past as well as where we have come from. So here are some of the best historical sites perfect for your kids. 

Stonehenge - educational attractions in England
Stonehenge in Wiltshire, UK

Stonehenge – Wiltshire 

Many children discuss the stone age in primary school, and this attraction will feel magical while still being very informative about the period they could be learning about. There is something very special about Stonehenge, and the journey and history surrounding it will fascinate the whole family. 

Natural History Museum – London 

If you have a child that is fascinated by the Jurassic period then look no further than heading to the Natural History Museum in London. Here you will be able to learn all about the dinosaurs and see some incredible artefacts from that period. However, it isn’t just the dinosaurs that will have you fascinated there is a lot more to this place. 

Climate and the environment 

Climate and the environment are hot topics of conversation right now. So it might be time to start developing the knowledge and learning more about it.

Eden Project - educational attractions in England
Eden Project in Cornwall, UK

Eden Project – Cornwall 

If you are looking for an attraction all about natural sciences, climate change, and also technology then The Eden Project is the place to go. One of the highlights is the pavilion where you get to see some of the most incredible natural plants and gives you a glimpse of what it feels like in some of the wildest climates in the world. 


Media is part of our lives these days and if it isn’t about entertainment it is all about TV and other aspects of life like social media. So here are some of the attractions to help explain media that may interest your children. 

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - Hogwarts Express - educational attractions in England
Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, UK

Warner Bros Studio Tour 

If you have a child that is interested in media and film production then heading to the Warner Bros Studio Tour is a great attraction to experience. While it is focused on the making of the Harry Potter films, it gives you an insight into what it takes to create big-screen productions and the cinematic technology involved. 

National Media Museum – Bradford

There are eight floors of exhibits showcasing everything you might want to know about film, TV, media and the future making it a very interesting location for any child who has an interest in that sort of thing. With the rise of the YouTuber and more children open to the prospect of a media career, this could be a great place to visit. 


Sometimes there is just an interest in something specific. It is educational, but it doesn’t fall into a particular category. Here are some of the other education attractions in England perfect for kids. 

The National Railway Museum - educational attractions in England
The National Railway Museum in York, UK

The National Railway Museum – York 

A great experience for anyone interested in the history of trains. This museum has a huge hall dedicated to many locomotives and engines that will have the whole family transfixed and involved. A great day out and one that won’t be forgotten in a hurry, especially by kids who love trains or have an interest in the technology behind the workings of them. 

National Space Centre – Leicester

Do you have a child obsessed with space? Then heading to the National Space Centre in Leicester is a great place to go. There are interactive exhibits and lots of interesting facts, but the highlight has to be the 42 meters high rocket where you can speed to the top in a glass lift. 

World Museum – Liverpool 

There are a plethora of things to see and the world is a very big palace. So the World museum in Liverpool could be the ideal spot, especially for those that have shortened attention spans and are keen to move on to the next thing. With lots of exhibits and things to see, this is a truly fascinating museum. 

Jurassic Coast – Dorset

Last of all, if you have a child or children that are not only interested in the Jurassic period but are interested in the history of sea life and how this world was before, then a trip to this coastline should be in order. There are plenty of opportunities to go hunting for fossils and to understand the true nature of what the world was like hundreds and thousands of years ago. 

Hopefully, that has given you plenty of inspiration for some of the educational attractions that you can enjoy in England. 

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