Top 5 Summer European Travel Experiences for Your Teenagers

Top 5 Summer European Travel Experiences for Your Teenagers

August 23, 2023


Summer can be fun for teenagers. It’s when they have long breaks from school and are free from the usual academic commitments. A European summer holiday for teens can range from exploring historic cities, enjoying water sports at the beach, or visiting museums and art galleries. If you plan to send your teens on a fun summer getaway in Europe and need help with where you should send them, here are some of the top five summer European travel experiences for your teenagers.

Summer European travel experiences for teens

Top 5 Summer European Travel Experiences for Your Teenagers - Greek Islands
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Island Hopping in Greece

Adventurous teenagers love the idea of exploring on a boat. So, take them on an island-hopping adventure in Greece. Home to over 6,000 islands, the best way to explore Greece is on a cruise. To guarantee a fun adventure, plan your teen’s adventure ahead. It is best to choose those islands that are relatively close to each other, so they won’t be wasting the entire day travelling on a boat.

While the Greek islands are fun to visit at any time of the year, summer is a fantastic time to explore these islands. The beaches can get crowded, but your teens can enjoy excellent weather and endless sun. To avoid the crowd, they can visit less touristy islands, such as Paros and Andros in the Cyclades. 

Consider booking a planned tour for your teen’s Greek island-hopping adventure. It’s a convenient option, where they show up at the port and settle in for the ride. Some of the most popular island-hopping routes begin in Athens. From there, the boat can travel to Santorini, Ios, Paros, and Mykonos and back to Athens.

Summer European travel experiences for teens - glamping in the UK
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Glamping in the UK

Your adventurous teenagers will love the opportunity to sleep surrounded by the UK’s stunning natural landscapes. And while camping is fun, they might prefer something more comfortable and luxurious. So, consider sending them to the UK for a fun glamping holiday. Glamping is a glamorous version of camping, where they sleep in unique accommodations with comfy beds and other amenities similar to a hotel. 

When planning your teens’ glamping holiday, choose the site carefully. You will find numerous glamping spots in the UK with different features and amenities. Some of the best options for your adventurous teens are sites that offer wild outdoor adventures. Some glamping sites can arrange excursions like hiking through lush forests, kayaking in the lakes, white water rafting, and more. 

Safety is crucial when sending your teens to a glamping holiday in the UK. Be sure to pick a glamping site that prioritises safety and comfort. The accommodations should be secure and have amenities to make them safe and comfortable. If they are with friends, choose a glamping site with spacious accommodations to accommodate everyone. For instance, you can book a luxury tent with bunk beds and other amenities.

Top 5 Summer European Travel Experiences for Your Teenagers - Croatia
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The Historical Sites in Croatia

For teens fascinated by ancient history, Croatia is the ultimate destination. With numerous historical sites and fascinating landmarks, it’s easy for your teens to immerse in the history of this incredible country in the Adriatic Sea.

The medieval city of Dubrovnik is the perfect starting point for your teens’ sightseeing adventure. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site that serves as a merchant town around the 13th Century. Here, your teens will have fun exploring the walled town’s fascinating historical sites, including those that appeared in the famous TV series the Game of Thrones. 

Another historic site your teens should see in Croatia is the Pula Arena, also called the Pula Amphitheatre. The Roman amphitheatre dates back to emperor Vespasian, the same emperor behind the Colosseum in Rome.

The Diocletian’s Palace in Split is a must-see for teens who love history. It’s one of the world’s most impressive Roman ruins that date back to the 4th Century. The massive complex has several stone pathways leading to iconic structures. Consider booking a guided tour for your teens, a fabulous way to learn about the palace’ history.

Top 5 Summer European Travel Experiences for Your Teenagers - switzerland
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Summer Camp in Switzerland

Most people associate summer camps with young kids. However, grown-up kids also crave the same experiences they enjoy when they are younger. So, consider sending your teens to a summer camp around Europe, with Switzerland in particular being an excellent choice. Swiss summer camps are considered some of the best in the world, equipped with high-quality facilities and professional staff.

One of the things your teens can look forward to on a Switzerland summer camp is the opportunity to meet friends from different cultures and backgrounds. A Swiss summer camp allows your teens to discover new cultures and experiences while building lifelong friendships.

Sending your teens to a summer camp in Switzerland is a fantastic way to encourage them to stay active. If you’re concerned about your teens spending all summer glued to their gadgets, consider sending them to a Swiss summer camp, where they can explore Switzerland’s fascinating scenery while enjoying fun activities like hiking, cycling, and kayaking. Rich in natural beauty, Switzerland is the perfect place for kids to have fun outdoors, and the summer camp is an ideal venue for this.

Top 5 Summer European Travel Experiences for Your Teenagers - snorkelling in spain
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Snorkelling in Spain

Snorkelling is a captivating activity for teens. The fascinating sights they will see on the water will feed their imaginations which could likely develop a lifelong love of the ocean. On top of that, snorkelling is a fantastic way to get your teens off their mobile phones and get them to explore the natural world. 

Spain is the best place to send your teens on a snorkelling adventure. Thanks to the country’s long Mediterranean coastline, it features a warm climate and gorgeous beaches, offering the ideal conditions for snorkelling. 

The Medes Islands in Costa Brava are the best spot for snorkelling in Spain. It encompasses seven small islands with a marine reserve home to colourful sea corals and incredible marine animals.

Lanzarote is another place that offers an ideal place for a snorkelling adventure in Spain, thanks to its great climate, excellent sea temperatures, and rich marine life. The island is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with crystal-clear waters, allowing your teens to enjoy the magnificent sea life.

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