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Eating the Golden Happiness

June 22, 2019

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“Geometry has two great treasures: one is the theorem of Pythagoras, the other the division of a line into mean and extreme ratios, that is, the Golden Mean. The first may be compared to a measure of gold, the second to a precious jewel.”
– Johannes Kepler said that.

In this golden age of doughnuts, you may have lingering doubts about edible gold, right? Well, this article should settle that.

Ever envisaged that precious jewel shrouded around a ball of chocolate? It’s a combination of abounding verticals of emotions – power, happiness, love, passion confidence – bringing together an exclusive gift of a lifetime.

There definitely is something sexy about food covered in gold – not to forget pricy and classy – that’s why people are curious to find out more.

A piece of food, with Gold and Edible gold

Gold – edible, Let’s give more sense to it.

Edible gold is an extremely thin product of gold that is used to dress up food items and provides a presentable touch. At this point of time, your thoughts must be consumed with perhaps a bewildering idea if we can really consume this acquisitive amalgam or if it is just created for a sheer artistic slant? The answers – yes, in general. Gold is contemplated as inert – meaning our digestive system can not absorb it. The question, of course, is of purity. Edible gold should only be considered “edible” if it has 22-24 carats – for an elementary logic that lesser carats gold would have higher impurities.

From a piece of chocolate to a pinch on a truffle, edible gold is being extensively used in candies, cupcakes, cakes, strawberries, ice cream, lollipops, alcohol. Edible gold, since it cannot be dissolved, does not add on to the taste whatsoever. But its mere presence delightfully complements the original flavour of these items to make them more enticing.

An expensive metal so why not turn it into a lifetime ornament?

Yes, gold is insanely expensive and one might comprehend that instead of merely decorating a food item which is not going to last long, why not mould it into, let’s say, a bracelet and have it forever. Well, edible gold does sound like a costly affair, but the fact is that this sprinkling gold powder is so unbelievably thin that it might not cost as much as a bar of regular ornamental gold. You can make a simple evaluation of this theory with a perspective that ornamental gold of the size of a candy can yield an edible gold leaf of the size of a tennis court.

A close up of food on a table, with Gold and Edible gold

So now you know the possibilities of edible gold

Not so incredibly expensive, now you must be releasing. Edible gold for food is more of a statement of luxury – sponsors of your life, style and success. Added as an instant glamour on a wedding cake to becoming the speciality of Japanese sushi chefs, edible gold leaf makes a smooth mark on every precious occasion.

A box of edible gold leaf wrapped chocolate or lollipops with a gold coin, sprinkler full of gold powder – have now become the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Not to mention, edible gold is also mixed with sparkling wine which can account for an extremely romantic gesture.

Is it your boss’s 25th marriage anniversary? How about a 24k gold cigar, wouldn’t he be impressed!

It is not only the receiver that enjoys this treat of delight. The art of decorating food with edible gold is a memorable experience. Yes, it is indeed a challenging task, not only because of the value it holds but also out of its delicacy and trickiness – almost like giving the perfect look to a bride.

It is also fun and exciting, you are enriching food with gold – not a daily experience, but the outcome of which is truly rewarding. Of course, if you are not really into garnishing and decorating using gold powder or gold leaf flakes, and are willing to make the mark, there are professionals for it.

So next time, if you are running out of thoughts for the most remarkable offering, give a swing to the golden ideas above and bring it to life.

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