Easter with older children: How to keep the magic alive

How to keep the magic alive for Easter with older children

April 8, 2022

It is possible to keep the magic alive for Easter with older children. Here are some of the things that you could try. 

When it comes to Easter, it is often something that we associate with younger children, the Easter bunny, and of course, Easter eggs and colossal amounts of chocolate. But while we can make a big fuss about younger children and Easter, is it something that you can still make special for older children when the belief in the Easter bunny has dwindled away? 

Let’s face it, our tweens and teens are not going to be the first ones to volunteer for an Easter egg hunt when technology is calling. But if there are younger children still within the family, or you are hoping to encourage more family time with your household it is possible to keep the magic alive for Easter with older children. Here are some of the things that you could try. 

Easter with older children

Easter with older children: How to keep the magic alive

Get the older children involved with the magic 

If you have older children who don’t quite believe in some of the magical elements of childhood but still have younger ones who still believe in it all, it can be hard to strike a balance. So instead of leaving the older children out of the activities and shenanigans why not get them involved instead?

Ask your older children for help in creating the magic for your little ones. Perhaps leaving them in charge of creating the Easter egg hunt, creating a letter from the Easter bunny, and making up games and fun that the little ones will enjoy. They will soon realise that part of the fun of getting older is being the one that makes the magic and it can be just as thrilling as being on the receiving end of the magic. 

Give the Easter egg hunt a revamp 

Easter egg hunts are a lot of fun, but for older children, they can be a little predictable. So why not try something different? You can make it a competitive affair where you team up to find as many eggs as possible, you can do cryptic clues and make it much harder, and even solve the clue or timed versions. There are plenty of ideas online that will help you revamp the Easter egg hunt and make it fun for older children. 

Make your own Easter eggs 

Now that your children are older they can enjoy crafts that are a little more intricate and one of them could be making their own easter eggs. You can buy moulds online that will help you to create the eggs, and then melt the chocolate and make their own eggs. Melting chocolate and the delicacy of using the moulds are more suitable for older children but it can get them involved in Easter crafts, especially when doing things with younger children. 

Easter with older children: How to keep the magic alive

Easter family games 

Another great option is to consider some Easter family games. Easter is usually a time of the year when family and friends gather, so you could use this as the perfect opportunity to enjoy some games. This could be anything from Easter family charades, Easter egg toss, and Easter egg bowls. Better yet, challenge your child to come up with some games for everyone to enjoy. As Easter is traditionally a time of year of get-togethers, it can be fun to enjoy each other’s company by doing something a little different. 

Get them involved with the Easter meal 

One of the main things that people enjoy at Easter is a family meal, so now might be the time to get your child involved in cooking. Cooking is usually an activity that is reserved for older children, so this could be a great way to get your older child involved with Easter celebrations. They cloud be challenged with making an Easter cake or dessert, or maybe you want to encourage them to create other elements of your main Easter dish. 

A reminder of what Easter is all about 

Finally, Easter is a religious event that many like to celebrate and head to church for where they can experience particular Church services and reminders of the sacrifices. However, doing this with younger children can be quite difficult, after all, keeping them occupied in a church full of people is far from ideal. But now your child is older, you could see Easter differently and remind yourselves of what the time of year is all about. Your older children might look at Easter differently and see the magic from a different perspective. 

Hopefully, this has given you plenty of ideas on how you can keep the magic alive for Easter with older children.

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