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7 Different Types of Rooms To Transform Your Basement Into

November 15, 2017

Too often, people leave their basements as murky, dark storage that doesn’t have much functional use. This is sometimes the case because they don’t know what to turn their basement into. Basement renovations can prove beneficial to your home both space-wise and investment-wise. They can be transformed into almost anything. Here are a few ideas that will help you decide what you can do with your basement.

Different Types of Rooms To Transform Your Basement Into

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Entertainment room

A great way to make use of your basement is to turn it into an entertainment room. If you usually have guests over and find that the living room doesn’t provide enough space, you can hang out in the basement instead. Adding a projector, a comfortable couch, and even a video game console will allow for different types of fun activities.

Home office

If you have been doing some work in your bedroom and find that you are unproductive, consider transforming your basement into a workspace. It can sometimes be difficult to disassociate the room you sleep in from the room you work in. Working from your basement might just allow you to do so. Make sure to light the room well so that it is conducive for working as well.

Laundry room

Some people dread doing the laundry. One of the major reasons why they dislike doing it is because it’s done in a cramped and uncomfortable area. Turning your basement into a laundry room can remedy this. You may need to work on the electrical connections for your dryer and washer to create a convenient room set-up. When your laundry room is bright and spacious, cleaning your clothes won’t seem like such a tedious chore.

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Extra kitchen

If you are a cook or simply love to cook, setting your basement up as a kitchen is another great choice. You can add shelves and refrigerator to make half the room a pantry, and use the other half for your cooking station. Finding a way to ventilate the air is also key as the room might end up being too smoky.

Extra bedroom

It never hurts to have another bedroom. Now, friends or family who stay over don’t have to crash on the couch every time they visit. When turning your basement into an extra bedroom, you should consider adding a bathroom with a basement toilet and shower. That way, your guests do not have to keep on going up and down the stairs to do so.


Annoyed that you have to spend monthly fees at your local gym. Why not transform your basement into a home gym? You can start off by obtaining some free weights and then proceed to get more complicated equipment after. Just make sure you have good ventilation and adequate lighting.

Family room

Setting up a family room is like setting up another living room. This is a space where your whole family can relax and bond. A couple of couches, a coffee table, or another television and, viola, you have another space to hang around and hold family meetings in.

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