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April 24, 2016

It’s been a while since I wrote about Tigger’s fussy eating. In many ways, he isn’t fussy to us anymore as we know what he will and will not eat so we just get on with it. However, to the outside world, he is still very much a fussy eater.

We are now a good four years into our fussy eating journey (to everyone who said that it’s just a phase, I think I can safely say it’s not a phase). His diet is very much carb based and we have been trying for some time to introduce some protein to his palette – especially as at his children’s healthy weight check up at school he only weighed 16.7kg which puts him in the underweight category for his height and age.

Tigger loves cocktail sausage rolls, the cheapest possible ones you cook in the oven which aren’t exactly high in protein (I try not to think about what is actually in them). With his usual preference to white foods we have been adding chicken to his plate small piece by small piece.

Last weekend at a family meal for Grandad’s birthday we had a bit of a breakthrough. We had a voucher for two free kids meals and ordered Tigger a chicken bites meal with chips (he loves chips) and said to him that if ate the chicken with no fuss we would give him a surprise – yes we have resorted to bribery, however, I’d ask you not to judge until you have lived with a fussy eater and understood what it is like trying to get them to eat.


Anyway, we removed a couple of pieces of the chicken from his plate as we knew that he wouldn’t eat a whole portion and cut up the remaining pieces on his plate into bite size pieces. Before when we have tried him with chicken he will make himself gag as he is chewing and uses his juice to wash it down, however, on Sunday he managed the chicken bites without any fuss and received his treat for doing so well.

Not wanting to leave it too long before trying him again I gave him some chicken for tea earlier this week and he ate it again without any fuss. Fingers crossed that this is a turning point for us and Tigger’s fussy eating.

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  • Notmyyearoff April 25, 2016 at 8:43 pm

    Oh well done to him!! Z is a such a big fussy eater and won’t touch chicken unless he’s conned into eating it on pizza or in noodles. He’s underweight too and I worry he’s going to catch every bug going, which he does usually. He’s slowly trying new things and eggs is his new things which is so good as he’s finally getting some regular protein. Hopefully they’ll all get there soon xx

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