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Let’s talk about period pants…

February 13, 2017

A post of the ladies (sorry gents)…

Let’s talk about periods…

My periods have always been a bit all over the place. However, since I have welcomed my beautiful children into the world they have been horrendous. With each baby, my periods have become heavier, more painful and something that I dread it occurring each month (not that I ever looked forward to my period, but you know what I mean).

Since the arrival of Piglet, they have been especially bad. With a family trip to Cadbury World and Drayton Manor providing me with quite possibly my most embarrassing moments. Now I am on medication to help ease the symptoms, which helps but by no means lessens the ordeal. I still want to hibernate in the house for the first few days and not venture out unless necessary.

Let’s talk about period pants…

Part of the issue I have with my period is the fear of leakage (TMI?). I want to be able to walk, move, complete daily life without fear that I leak through my sanity wear into pants etc. So much so that I have several pairs of crappy period pants. Think ‘big granny panties’ and you’re on the right lines. These beauties are my period pants. The pants that I don’t mind spoiling. That was until I met Carol Smilie at Britmums who told me that period pants don’t need to resemble bloomers.

Diary Doll Perfect Pants

Diary Doll is a pioneering range of pretty clever pants and the brainchild of TV presenter Carol Smillie. With teenage daughters dealing with their monthly cycle, Carol originally developed the range for young women who might be worried about heavy periods whilst at school, playing sport and sleepovers. They definitely serve a great purpose for this but also stress incontinence (which an estimated 1 in 3 women suffer with), during / post-maternity and SUI, commonly known as ‘sensitive bladder’, or ‘pelvic floor weakness’ (which is believed to affect approx 9 million women in the UK).

Having recently received a pair of Diary Doll Perfect Pants to try out I was intrigued to see whether they would save me from ‘big granny panties’. The secret waterproof panel goes from elastic to elastic to give maximum protection. Now if you are anything like me and heard the words waterproof panel and envisioned crinkly and uncomfortable then you are wrong. There is no evidence of the waterproof panel from looking and feeling the perfect pants. They simply look like any other pair of pant in your knicker drawer.

How well do they perform?

Firstly, let me just say how refreshing to find a pair of pants that are cut and shaped for a woman… Ladies, you will understand what I mean here.

Anyway, back to the period pants… They are lightweight, machine washable and are a simple yet cute design. The waterproof panel is hidden within the lining of the pants and helps to capture any leakage. They are soft against the skin and surprisingly cool to wear (thinking that I was going to get hot and bothered by the waterproof lining).

Available in a choice of four colour options, and have recently announced that they are available from size 6-28. Ensuring that all women have access to the protection against leaks that is needed during our periods.


I’m not sure there is such a thing as a happy period, but Diary Doll perfect pants do give that added confidence against leaks… So we are happy to have two pairs of Diary Doll pants to giveaway (one pair for two winners).

To enter, simply complete the Gleam widget below:

Diary Doll pants

Disclosure: We received a pair of Diary Doll pants FOC for the purpose of review

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