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Dear So and So – Train Travel

April 14, 2015

It’s funny how you can have both good and bad experiences whilst travelling on a train, this was out train travel experience last Thursday…

Dear Snooty ladies

As you walked down the carriage I got the sense that you were not happy with your allocated reserved seats. You sat down to the side of us but one row back which meant I was able to hear your mutterings. Mind you so were all the other passengers in our half of the carriage. Listening to you to moan and grumble about be allocated to the children’s carriage of the train. ‘We are going to have to listen to them all the way to London‘ I heard you say to each other. Thankfully you thought better of staying in your seats and within a few minutes of sitting there, you opted to go and find somewhere else to sit.

Thank you for moving, on behalf of myself, my children and all the other families who were treating their children to a day in London over the Easter break. I’m not quite sure I would have been able to bite my tongue for two hours before saying something to you both.

Love from the mum with the two children (who were busy colouring at the time)

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Dear Pretty blonde on the tube

I want to say thank you for looking up from your Kindle as Tigger knocked on the glass panel between you. I want to thank you for smiling at him and waving (he has a thing for blondes). I want to thank you for repeating these same actions time and time again without once looking like he was bothering you. You made a little boy very happy and chatted about you on the way home.

Love from the mum of the cute boy on the tube

Dear Singing man on the tube

Thank you for brightening up what was just an ordinary journey on the tube. You weren’t singing loudly so to attract an audience, you didn’t even have your headphones so you weren’t caught up in the song playing in your ears. You were simply lost in the moment, singing softy to yourself and not noticing where you were at the time. I hope that my children grow up to feel comfortable enough to dance, sing or whatever when the mood strikes them.

Love from the lady you cheered up on the tube

Dear Seat reservation lady

After rushing to catch our booked train home, literally running down the platform I wasn’t impressed to find you sitting in our reserved seats. I politely asked if you could move to another seat as we had reserved these seats and showed you our reservation ticket. A simple nod of your head, a polite smile would have been great not the huffing and puffing I was greeted with as you finally conceded and moved.

Love from the mum who always reserves seats so they can sit down on the two hours journey home

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