Dear Roo – The healthy child edition

Dear Roo

I often worry about you. I worry that as you are the healthy child you get overlooked when Tigger is poorly again.

This week has been no exception with his possible pneumonia I had to arrange for Niamh’s Mummy to come and collect you from school without being able to get a message to you to say why I wasn’t going to be there to collect you as normal.

Without fuss you when home with Niamh, played with her dolls, ate a fabulous tea (note to Mummy invite yourself round for tea) and then headed off to Cub Scouts. Thankfully I was able to come and collect you from Cubs in between getting things to stay overnight at the hospital. You never moaned as we popped home to get clothes, as we popped to the shop to get supplies, as we collect Tigger some old MacDonald chips and as we headed to the hospital.

You continue to amaze me I how grown up and responsible you can be. It’s like you know that I need to focus my energies onto Tigger and your happy to take the backseat. But I want you to know that I haven’t forgotten you, you won’t be on the back seat for long and that very soon Mummy will make it up to you for being an amazing daughter and sister.

Love you Mummy xox


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