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Create a Vintage Space for the Entire Family

September 11, 2018

There are many rooms in the house that are only meant for certain people. Bedrooms, the kid’s game room, or parent’s study may all have things that are off limits to some people. The living room, however, is meant for everyone. This is where you come together for family games, movies, and conversation. It is important to make this room a place that everyone enjoys looking at, as well. Living room décor can often be too “old” for the younger members of the family. Fragile accessories can also make it unfriendly towards small children. Décor for everyone often starts with the walls. Living room wallpaper is a great way to liven up this space.

A close up of a rug

Vintage Fun

Gone are the days when a family or sitting room was required to be formal and pristine. In modern times, it is acceptable to have a room that you live in. When you frequent a room often, it is a great idea to make it fun to be in. Vintage living room wallpaper can easily add the excitement back to your home. Bold colours and artistic prints are sure to make the entire family gravitate towards the room. Take a look at the many options on wallpaperfromthe70s.com.

Accessories you can touch

Little kids often feel left out in rooms that adults design. They are often told to leave things alone and sit quietly. Toys are also banned from these spaces in many homes. When you want to encourage togetherness, however, it pays to be a little more inclusive. Try adding some accessories that can be touched. There are many vintage items from the 1970’s that are perfectly kid-friendly. Paint a shelf with a bold colour and collect vintage games, for instance. Many companies reproduce their games in the original design and packaging. You can easily find vintage style board games without ever setting foot in a flea market. A rug with the iconic 70’s shag design makes a perfect place to sit and play, as well.

Guest Friendly

We all tend to want things a little more organised when guests come over. It is not unreasonable to plan a little for when guests hang out in your living room. You can easily incorporate a corner of the room for kids, so their items are not taking over the entire room. Storage furniture and chests make nice accents and are great for hiding things when guests come over, as well. Remember that kids often have guests over too. Vintage wallpaper and décor already add colours that kids love. These same colours often bring back fond memories for adults. With a little creativity, you can easily have a room that works for all ages.

A vintage living room can become an area for the entire family to relax and play. A soft, shaggy rug or throw blanket can add a hint of the shag carpet reminiscent of the era. Kids should feel like they fit in when they are hanging out in the living room, as well. There are plenty of vintage accessories that are kid-friendly and loved by adults. A colourful, comfortable room that cleans up nice for guests is an excellent compromise.

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