Corelle Vitrelle Mystic Gray 18-Piece Dinnerware Service

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October 27, 2021

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When it comes to family time, food is such a great way to spend some quality time together and enjoy a good meal. It can bring the family together and it can also be the perfect chance to talk about your day and just enjoy company with one another. But we can sometimes lack inspiration when it comes to this. Family mealtimes can be the perfect opportunity to bond and spend time together. So if you were hoping to encourage this as part of your daily routine then here are some of the ways that you could do it. 

Get the children involved

If you were hoping to make mealtimes more inclusive for the whole family then why not encourage your children to be more involved. It might be that you consider letting them lay the table. Using dinnerware from places like Corelle not only means you are safe in the knowledge of the durability of the dinner service but you also have the assurance that the table will look incredible too.

Corelle Vitrelle Mystic Gray 18-Piece Dinnerware Service

Corelle key features

  • Made of durable Vitrelle glass, Corelle dinnerware is resistant to breaking, chipping, scratching and staining.
  • Using up to 80% recycled, pure glass, Corelle Vitrelle is the eco-friendly Livingware option.
  • With patterns to suit any household and match your personal style – whether a classic look, or something more decorative.
  • Microwave, oven, refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher safe; Corelle ensures ultimate convenience to the home.

The perfect setting for indoor and outdoor use having the assurance that your dinnerware is perfect to use with children in any setting means you might be more likely to enjoy eating with them. You could also let the kids help with the preparation of meals. Getting their hands in the kitchen and exploring ingredients and learning new skills could encourage them to try new things. This brings me to my next suggestion. 

Encourage young children to try new things

One of the biggest issues families have when it comes to children and bonding over meal times is to actually encourage children to try new things. As children can be less experimental when it comes to food, this can often mean that parents prefer to not eat with their children. However, if you can, encouraging your children to try at least one new thing can be a bonding exercise and also a lot of fun. You can ask them to identify tastes and flavours, maybe ask them to rate it. It could become more of a game than a hassle. 

Corelle Vitrelle Mystic Gray 18-Piece Dinnerware Service

Head to restaurants 

Some families can often be put off when it comes to eating in restaurants, but actually, this can be a lot of fun if you plan and prepare in advance. Finding a restaurant that is accommodating for children is the first port of call, and then having a look online to see what is on the menu is another great thing to think about. Also heading to a restaurant at the right time is also the best thing to think about, and bringing colouring and even an iPad could be a great option. The more you do it, the more you will feel comfortable eating out in restaurants and it can be a lot of fun for all the family. 

Themed nights

Maybe a themed night is something that could be a lot of fun for the family. It might be a movie night where you serve up food such as grazing picnics filled with different delights, or maybe a burger and chips night for ease. You could also take inspiration out of holidays that are celebrated all over the world. Independence Day in July, for example, could help you come up with an American-inspired menu for the family. It also encourages the family to try new flavours and can inspire you in the kitchen once more. 

Corelle Vitrelle Mystic Gray 18-Piece Dinnerware Service

Eat together as often as possible

The one thing that a lot of modern families don’t do enough of is eating together. This can often be because children like to eat food that isn’t sad flavoursome as what the parents like to eat. However, children lead by example, so it can be a great thing to encourage more quality time by eating together as often as possible. You can look to make a toned-down version of the food you and your partner are eating if you think the children might not like it. It gives you a chance to discuss your days overeating good food, and it can encourage great eating habits with the children. 

Let the family plan the meals 

Finally, another great tip is to get the family involved with any meal plan for the week ahead. They can suggest the meals they want to eat, which can make them more encouraged and excited about the meal times. If you all suggest a meal, then it can also help you when it comes to meal inspiration which is often left to one person and can be difficult. Eating together or even preparing the food with the children is another way to bond over food. They love to be involved as much as possible. 

Let’s hope that these suggestions give you the confidence to enjoy family mealtimes more frequently. 

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