I won’t apologise for family time

February 18, 2019

Before I became a parent I worked with a lady who would tell me all about the adventures her daughter and grand-daughter would get up to at the weekend. Her daughter worked full-time Monday to Friday so the weekends were family time. It was their time to visit places, go on adventures and just be together. The memory of all these stories is something that I brought forward into my parenting style.

Juggling family time

Both Mr Boo and I knew that I would have to return to work when we had children. And with each new addition we have rejigged the working hours/childcare accordingly. However, on the days when the children were home we have always done our best to occupy them. From movie days, games and activities at home. Adventures, days out and visiting new places.

Mum guilt

The mum guilt possible played a big part ensuring that I spent quality time with them. Guilt from going out to work and leaving them in childcare (which they loved but didn’t ease the guilt any less). Now I work from home so the guilt as such has eased in some respects. However, now with two children in full time education and Piglet at preschool five mornings a week. I’m very aware that weekends and school holidays are even more precious as I couldn’t spend the additional time with them even if I wanted to.

I miss my children whilst they are at school/preschool. I love to plan things for them at the weekend or different adventures on holidays. But this is our family time and I won’t apologise for wanting to spend time with them.

I’m a planner

A Facebook memory notification popped up last week with a groan about not being able to do something over half term. I’m planner. So for the week or two weeks before half terms I am organising what adventures we will get up to. If you message me at the start of the half term or the night before to arrange something you are going to be out of luck. It’s quite obvious when the school holidays are happening so if you can’t plan in advance then I’m afraid I can’t help you.

I won’t apologise for family time

  • Hollie Burgess February 20, 2019 at 7:43 pm

    Mum guilt is SO real! I really need to get over that!

  • michelle twin mum February 20, 2019 at 10:26 pm

    I’m a planner too, I liek to knwo how the week will pan out and look forward to all the activities we’ll get up to. Family time is the best. Gosh your son is like your hsband now! Mich x

  • Rachel Craig February 22, 2019 at 1:47 am

    Good memories are essential for our wellbeing :- In my opinion. I’m sure that research either does, or will support that. So family time, or quality family time is important. It is good to spend good quality time with loved ones. Though please bear in mind that we have many family members. We can have quality time with parents, grandparents, siblings, etc.

    It is also beneficial to have good quality time with others such as friends, etc. So I hope you plan for this also. Life can have many aspects, but time can pass so quickly. Congratulate yourself on aiming for a good quality family life. Remember to consider other aspects of your life, in an attempt to have a well balanced lifestyle. Children are part of your life, just as you are part of theirs :- An important one in both cases.

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