Complications During Pregnancy and Delivery

Most Common Complications During Pregnancy and Delivery Everyone Should Know

July 31, 2021

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Pregnancy and the ultimate delivery of a healthy baby should be a wonderful experience. However, the truth for many is that just becoming pregnant can be a difficult process. Alongside this, there are an array of concerns to deal with and complications during pregnancy and delivery. 

The best way to approach this period is to know what the most common issues are. This will help to ensure you know when to seek medical advice or not and can make it easier to enjoy the pregnancy. It can also be a good idea to get a reputable obstetrician Sydney and stay in regular touch with them. This will also help to ensure any issues are detected early and dealt with.

Complications During Pregnancy

If you have existing health issues before pregnancy then you should talk to your doctor about them. This will ensure they are monitored if necessary during your pregnancy. You should also be aware that the following can occur during pregnancy:

Complications During Pregnancy and Delivery

Urinary Tract Infections

These are surprisingly common and involve a burning pain when you wee, along with fatigue, an urge to urinate frequently, nausea, and back pain. Your urine may also be cloudy.


You usually get anaemia when you have low levels of iron or folic acid. Both of these substances are taken by the growing fetus. This reduces the number of red blood cells you have and can leave you feeling tired all the time. 

Mental Health Issues

It isn’t uncommon for pregnant women to feel depressed. There are many reasons why this can happen but it is essential that you chat to a specialist and deal with the issue. In most cases, it is a change in hormones and concerns about becoming a parent. 

High Blood Pressure

This happens because the growing baby is placing additional demands on your heart and blood. IT needs to be monitored to ensure it doesn’t develop into further complications. Your blood pressure should return to normal after you give birth.

Complications During Delivery

Delivery brings a whole other set of issues but, you are generally already in the right place to get the best possible care.

Complications During Pregnancy and Delivery

Early Water Breaking

When your water breaks early, before the 34-week marker, you are at an increased risk of infection. It is likely that you will have to stay at the hospital and be monitored.

Labor That Doesn’t Progress

Once labour has started your contractions should push the baby out. If this takes too long the baby can become distressed and may experience health issues. Your medical team will monitor and give medication to speed up the process. If not, they will perform a cesarean.

Abnormal Heart Rate

If your baby has an abnormal heart rate it may not indicate an issue. It can also suggest the baby isn’t getting enough blood and, therefore oxygen. In this instance, you will be asked to shift position to allow better blood flow. 

There are other issues but the key to a successful labour and delivery is to follow the guidelines your medical team gives you. They have your best interests at heart. 

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