Christmas Gift Guide Festive Games

Christmas Gift Guide | Festive Games to Play this Christmas

November 15, 2023

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Festive games are so much fun. They are seasonal and relevant to the moment and they can often be a little different from some of the other games that you might usually play throughout the year.

There is no denying that Christmas is a time for families to spend together. It is your chance to enjoy each other’s company without the worry of work, or school, and it even gives you the opportunity to see people and extended family that you may not have seen for a while. It is the most wonderful time of the year. The evenings are dark, the Christmas lights are glistening, and there is an excuse to eat all of the tasty food and enjoy a few merry drinks.

Not only can you spend time together, but with many families, there is also that competitive nature that comes into play. This is where you can actually use some of the time you have to enjoy playing games together. Children love the chance to sit and play something with their parents and their family and it is a great way to avoid those screens for a little while. 

Festive Games to Play this Christmas

What are the best family games with a festive feel? I have done all of the research for you and come up with a list of amazing festive games that the whole family will love this Christmas. They make great gift ideas. I hope it gives you a little inspiration this Christmas.

Christmas-Opoly Board Game

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With Christmas just around the corner it’s time to gather with loved ones, share laughter, and create lasting memories Cheatwell’s Christmas-Opoly is a great game this season. This heartwarming twist on the classic real estate trading game is designed to capture the magic of Christmas, offering a unique and joyous experience for players of all ages.

The true magic of Christmas-Opoly lies in the joy it brings to those gathered around the table. As players roll the dice, acquire festive properties, and engage in friendly competition, they are not just playing a game; they are creating magical moments and treasured traditions that will be cherished for years to come. Whether it’s a friendly rivalry for the coveted “Christmas Tree Lane” or the joy of landing on “Holiday Feast,” each turn of the board adds to the tapestry of holiday memories.

Christmas-Opoly Board Game

Wentworth Magical Forest Snow Globe

Wentworth Magical Forest Snow Globe – Large Half Cracker

Buy from Wentworth Puzzles

This enchanting puzzle with shaped-themed whimsies is a fantastic addition to your festive puzzling. Designed exclusively for Wentworth Puzzles by popular puzzle artist, John Francis. Presented in a large-half cracker, the puzzle kept safe in new plum and grey packaging and a cotton bag, perfect for gifting.

The Best of Christmas Family Board Game

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Best of Christmas is a LOGO family game for a festive flash of fun at Christmas. Ad teams answer the LOGO-style questions correctly, they hang their decorations onto the model tree. The first team to decorate all the way to the top puts up the gold star and wins the festive game.

  • SAME GREAT PLAY AS THE CLASSIC BUT WITH A FESTIVE FEEL – From Christmas themed snacks to funny little crackers jokes, how much do you think you know about Christmas?
  • WHO’S THE BIGGEST CHRISTMAS GEEK? You are testing your Christmas knowledge to climb up and decorate your side of the Christmas Tree. Answer the questions correctly and be the first one to put the star on the top!
  • GREAT CHRISTMAS ENTERTAINMENT – This board game includes a Christmas Tree to decorate, 64 decorations and 55 playing cards with questions
Christmas Gift Guide | Festive Games to Play this Christmas

12 Games of Christmas

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Prepare for some fabulous festive fun with this classy all-in-one Christmas party games collection.

12 Games of Christmas contains 12 hilarious festive games which are easy to learn, fun for all ages and guaranteed to have everyone howling with laughter. We have designed the games to be quick, fun and simple, so you and your loved ones can spend less time reading rules and more time getting in the Christmas spirit!

Festive games include:

  • Reindeer Hoopla – Antlers on and let’s hope your aim is good in this hysterical ring-toss festive game!
  • Santa’s Sports Day – These wacky challenges will have you elfin’ around.
  • Christmas Pairs – Hunt for the matching pairs in this fun family card game.
  • Clutch the Kazoos! – Quick wits and fast hands at the ready!
  • Santa’s Letters – Get your creativity flowing in this fun word-play game.
  • Merry Quizmas! – Christmas quiz jam-packed with funny facts and trivia.
  • Panto or Picture – Act & draw festive phrases in this hilarious crowd-pleaser.
  • It’s Snow Joke! – For those that love a corny Christmas cracker joke.
  • Festive Guesses – Race to guess these Christmas tunes and festive phrases.
  • Santa’s Hat – Test your teamwork with this hilarious memory game.
  • Christmas Characters – Can you figure out who you are in this festive ‘Who Am I?’ game.
  • White Lies – A super silly card game full of deception and white lies!
Christmas Gift Guide | Festive Games to Play this Christmas

The Very Merry Christmas Game

Buy From: Amazon

The Very Merry Christmas Game is the Family Game of Presents, Crackers, Christmas Songs… and Sprouts! 

Move around the board collecting presents (present cards) to put in your stocking. Presents have a value depending on whether they’re nice… or naff. Presents can also be given to other players – particularly the bad ones! You can take other players’ gifts off them and this is decided on the pull of a cracker. 

All players’ presents are placed face down in the stocking so nobody knows what they’ve got but there are opportunities to take a sneaky look to find out which ones to get rid of and which ones to keep. Land on the singing space and you have to sing a verse from a Christmas song or carol to avoid losing one of your gifts! 

Watch out for the two dreaded sprout cards as they could have a bad effect and make you lose out… The player with the best presents at the end of the game is the winner. All the joys of Christmas of a festive game in this one box!

  • Presents, crackers, festive songs and sprouts…
  • All the fun of Christmas in one box!
  • Compete to grab the most lavish set of presents for your stocking.
  • The perfect family festive board game for Christmas
  • For ages 8 to adult

Christmas Express Game

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Climb aboard the Christmas Express and join this jolly journey through a winter wonderland as you race to be the first to get to the North Pole. The aim of the game is to be the first player to travel along the train track from the Home Station to the North Pole Station. You’ll have to avoid the Hustle Bustle, the Reindeer Crossings, the Snow Storms and maybe the naughty elf, but keep an eye out for Santa’s sleigh as he could help you on your way. 

Land at a Station and you can move again, or land on a bridge and take a shortcut. Or play 3 of a kind and move directly to the next station… there are many ways to be first to the North Pole Station. Christmas Express is a great family board game for those that believe in Santa, and those that wish they still did. For ages 6+


  • Large colourful playing board
  • 8 player tokens
  • 4 stands
  • 51 numbered cards
  • 14 speciality cards 
  • A full set of rules
Christmas Gift Guide | Festive Games to Play this Christmas

Christmas Games Card Game

Buy From: Zavvi

Introduce some fun and chuckles into your Christmas celebrations with this festive game from Cheatwell. The Christmas Games Card Game is filled with a broad selection of quirky quizzes, cheeky challenges and classic family favourites there’s something for everyone.

Love Actually Monopoly

Buy From: Ryman

Everyone’s favourite feel-good Christmas film now has its own board game and what better board game is there than Monopoly? With this Love Actually Monopoly, you will be able to enjoy hours of fun and maybe the odd argument.

Travel around the board, moving from one location to another and trade your way to success with this customised Love Actually Monopoly Board Game. The board includes all of the key bits of the film from The Airport to the Film Set for you to purchase or land on and owe rent and taxes.

  • Customised Tokens – Choose your favourite Love Actually token, tour your favourite sites and accumulate fortunes, but watch out for taxes, jail and bankruptcy
  • Buy your favourite Love Actually sites – Advance to Mark’s Apartment, Jamie’s Cottage and Karen and Harry’s House – will you owe rent or reap the rewards?
  • Custom Houses and Hotels – Invest in houses and hotels and trade your way to success

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