5 Places to Hide Christmas Gifts From Snooping Kids!

5 Places to Hide Christmas Gifts From Snooping Kids!

November 9, 2023


Christmas is an expensive time of year, but making memories and seeing the looks on your kids’ faces when they open their Christmas gifts means it’s something many parents are willing to spend money on. So the last thing you want is for gifts to be found early and surprises to be spoiled, and once your kids reach a certain age- chances are they WILL go snooping for given the chance!

Maintain the surprise (or the magic of Santa if your children are small) by finding really good places to keep Christmas gifts hidden out of sight. Here are a few ideas for places in and around the home you could consider. 

Where To Hide Christmas Gifts

5 Places to Hide Christmas Gifts From Snooping Kids!

The Attic

The attic is a fantastic place to hide presents as it’s an area that most kids simply can’t access. If you have a loft style that requires a ladder to get up, there’s no way that a child, particularly if they’re a bit younger, will be able to get up there. Admittedly, it can be a bit of a pain hauling things up there, especially if the items are bigger. But if you purchase gifts over the course of a few months and can pop them up as and when you buy them, you have peace of mind that they’re not likely to be discovered.

The shed or garage

A good-quality shed is a great place for stashing away Christmas gifts. Providing they’re in good condition (so fully waterproof, leakproof shed bases and made of a strong material) sheds make the ideal hiding spot. Invest in a good padlock and guard the key and there’s no way that anyone will gain access. The garage could be another option, stack things in plastic bags or boxes and again keep it locked up and come Christmas eve when the kids are in bed you can creep out and put everything under the tree. 

Under your bed

If you have space under your bed, you can buy lockable under bed storage which is perfect for hiding Christmas gifts. Chances are your kids don’t spend all that much time in your bedroom anyway, but even if they do happen to go snooping they’ll be met with a locked box. 

5 Places to Hide Christmas Gifts From Snooping Kids!

In your wardrobe

If you have the space, stashing gifts away in your wardrobe can make sense. You could consider adding magnetic locks to the doors if you think there’s a chance they might go searching in there. These are designed to help keep babies out of cupboards but would work well for this purpose too. They can be installed with no damage, and require a magnetic key to open the door. 

Relatives house

Finally, if the items are large and you don’t have the space, your best bet might be to ask a relative or close friend if they can look after things for you. If they don’t have children themselves they might have the room to spare, or perhaps a spare room where they’ll let you keep things for a few months. There’s no way your kids will find their gifts if they’re not even being kept in your house!

Where do you stash your Christmas gifts to prevent your kids from finding them?

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