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February’s #FunFinds

February 28, 2015

Last month I saw that the lovely Emily from Family Four Fun had started a #FunFinds linky. As soon as I read through that first post I thought it would be a great way to share several fabulous finds in just one post.

So without further ado… February’s #FunFinds

Disney Imagicademy Mickey’s Magical Arts World

Art and World

Mickey’s Magical Arts World is available now on the Apple App Store and is the second of five subjects scheduled for release this year as part of Disney Imagicademy, Disney’s new learning initiative for families with children 3 to 8.

Mickey’s Magical Arts World exposes children to key elements of art and design principles and gives children the ability to personalise their own uniquely Disney-inspired neighbourhood with their own characters, drawings, music and architecture. The more the child creates in their neighbourhood, the more it comes to life.

Disney Imagicademy Mickey’s Magical Arts World features five experiences in one app:

  • Mickey’s Sketch Artist – Children can follow a Mickey-guided tutorial or draw freestyle to create characters and more, as they experiment with color, shape, line, and visual texture.
  • Donald’s Costume Play – While exploring improvisation, storytelling, costume design, dialogue and character development tools, children can get their characters ready to star in Disney cartoons alongside Mickey and friends.
  • Mickey’s Music Maker – Mickey’s marching band will help children create music and experiment with varying tempo and pitch. Featuring 13 different instruments, children can choose the sounds they like best, record their compositions and play back their masterpieces.
  • Pluto’s Crafty Creator – Children are invited to six craft stations where they can explore different art tools, experience how materials work together and create and design unique digital toys.
  • Minnie’s Art-chitect – As they design buildings with various colors and textures, children can practice key design principles including symmetry, balance, proportion, rhythm, and harmony. Children can customise and design buildings to truly personalise their neighbourhood.

Mickey’s Magical Arts World will also connect to the Disney Imagicademy Parents app, giving parents the ability to connect and get involved with their child’s creative arts milestones. The Parents app reinforces the belief that parents are an important part of a child’s learning progress and features tools that give them the ability to see their child’s accomplishments digitally and remotely, as well as content to help them extend the activity and learning beyond the screen.

Mickey’s Magical Arts World and Disney Imagicademy Parents are available on iPad and iPhone on the App Store. Disney Imagicademy’s math-based app, Mickey’s Magical Math World, is available for download on iPad, and will be released for iPhone in March 2015. For more information on Mickey’s Magical Arts World, visit www.DisneyImagicademy.com

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, The Making of Harry Potter – Hogwarts Express

A group of people standing in front of a building

This March, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter will unveil a 20,000ft2 expansion, including the original Hogwarts Express steam engine and a recreation of Platform 9 ¾. The new, permanent section will offer a glimpse into how some of the films’ most iconic scenes were created as well as give visitors the chance to climb aboard the train’s carriage and to pose with a luggage trolley as it disappears through the platform wall.

Officially opening on Thursday 19th March, the new, must-see section has been redesigned and has been built by many of the crew members who worked on the most successful film series of all time. Visitors will be able to walk along the train’s adjoining carriage and sit in the interior carriage set that was used during filming. A selection of prop luggage will be on show and visitors can find out which character owned which items by turning an interactive dial (characters include Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Luna Lovegood and more). A train-themed souvenir shop will also be open on the platform, stocking a wide range of goodies inspired by the Harry Potter films and, specifically, the Hogwarts Express.

The new Platform 9 ¾ section, featuring the original Hogwarts Express, will open on Thursday 19th March and entrance will be included in the standard ticket price. To book tickets visit: www.wbstudiotour.co.uk


A close up of a bottle

Haliborange kids Omega-3 orange Syrup – Tigger is a fussy eater, a really fussy eater and I am always worried that he doesn’t get any of the vitamins within his diet. Our Nursery Nurse suggested that we should start him on a vitamin syrup (as he won’t eat sweets or take a tablet) to aid him in getting the required dose of vitamins he needs every day.

Haliborange kids Omega-3 orange Syrup Contains:

Omega-3 DHA

  • This vital nutrient can only be obtained from the diet. Research shows that eating 250mg daily of DHA as part of a healthy lifestyle contributes to normal brain function.

Vitamins A C D & E

  • Help maintain healthy bones
  • Help maintain healthy skin & eyes
  • Help maintain a healthy immune system

Haliborange MR. MEN LITTLE MISS Multivitamins – Roo, on the other hand, eats quite well, although I’d love for her to eat more vegetables (which mum wouldn’t?). As she is quite active with sports etc. I like to make sure that she has had all her vitamins by taking a chewable Haliborange every day.

Haliborange MR. MEN LITTLE MISS Multivitamins Contains:

  • VITAMIN A Helps support healthy eyes.
  • VITAMIN B6 & B12 Contribute to the release of energy from food.
  • VITAMIN B5 For normal mental performance .
  • VITAMIN C Helps support the immune system.
  • VITAMIN D Essential for normal growth and development of bones in children
  • VITAMIN E Contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress

For the full range of Haliborange, check out their website: Seven Seas Shop

The Red Nose Day Designer Homeware Collection

Disclosure: We have received samples and/or tickets for the above references FOC for the purpose of promotion

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