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With three children I have had my fair share of bedtime issues with each of them.  From Roo, who just wanted to hold my hand all the time – which was lovely whilst she was in the Moses basket next to the bed but no so much once she was in her cot.  Then Tigger, who decided that he’d like to wake hourly for almost two years just for a quick cuddle – endearing but so tiring.  

Then there is Piglet, who possibly sleeps better than them all, apart from she is a jiffler – she is almost never in the same place when I go back in to check on her.  Blankets etc. don’t last five minutes as they are discarded against the side of the cot.… View Post

Your Pregnancy Guide & How to Avoid Incontinence During …

Your Pregnancy Guide & How to Avoid Incontinence During Pregnancy

If you have missed a period, it is important to take a home pregnancy test so you can decide what to do next. If you suspect that you may be pregnant, then there are a few things that you should be aware of. If you are experiencing extreme nausea then this may be a sign that your hormonal levels are changing and your body is preparing for egg implantation. … View Post

The Sleepyhead Grand – More than just a sleeping …

The Sleepyhead Grand – More than just a sleeping pod

Sleepyhead of Sweden recently contacted me to see whether I would like to try out their Sleepyhead Grand model to aid Piglet’s sleeping.  At first, I assumed that she would be too old for it as I thought that these were only for smaller babies.  However, I was completely wrong. The Sleepyhead Grand model is aimed at babies/toddlers aged 8-36 months and can be used in a variety of different ways.… View Post

#SNSHamper Tots & Tykes

#SNSHamper Tots & Tykes

A little while back I received a very exciting email from the Social Network Solutions team asking me to get involved in their Tots & Tykes campaign. The idea behind the campaign was to showcase… View Post

How Working Mothers Can Find the Proper Work-Life …

How Working Mothers Can Find the Proper Work-Life Balance

If you are like most new mothers, you are likely finding it very difficult to find the proper balance between your professional life and your personal space. Career-driven mums are often confronted with this somewhat tricky situation and it can be nearly impossible to know how to strike up an accord between the two. Although there is certainly no “golden rule” that will apply to everyone, the fact of the matter is that a number of worthwhile strategies can go a long way towards establishing a bit of peace and tranquillity.… View Post

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Clothing Range

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Clothing Range

The first book I ever bought for Roo was The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The classic story that I remembered from my childhood was one I was keen to share with my daughter. With her copy well read, I have gone on to buy new copies of the book for both Tigger and Piglet. To this day it remains one of Tigger’s favourite books and can recite it word perfect.… View Post

3 quick techniques to relieve your little one’s …

3 quick techniques to relieve your little one’s pain with Matchstick Monkey

Teething is a long and painful process for little ones and their parents. Although babies can get their first tooth at around six months, the teething process can start a lot earlier. It’s important to remember that it’s most painful when the tooth is pushing through the gums and breaking the skin, not when the
tooth is actually visible.… View Post

Aveeno Baby for Your Baby’s Skin

Aveeno Baby for Your Baby’s Skin

Your baby’s skin can be so sensitive and it is so important to find a gentle skincare product which you can trust to take care of your baby’s skin. Consider Aveeno Baby Products which are available from iHerb to pamper your baby and are great for sensitive skin because they are unperfumed and rich in colloidal oatmeal. This means that Aveeno, Baby, Daily Moisture Lotion, Fragrance-Free acts as a natural moisturiser which can help to restore the skin’s natural barrier and prevent water loss. … View Post

The Baby Gift Company

The Baby Gift Company

Today I’m really quite excited to have Rochelle from The Baby Gift Company guest posting on my blog. As you all know I do love personalised gifts and even more so when they are for babies. There is something so special about them having something of their own with their name or initials on.… View Post