Top 5 baby products for new mums

June 19, 2013
Shopping for a new baby can be exciting, it can be overwhelming, it can also be very expensive, so how do you decide what products you should buy and which ones to leave on the shop shelf?
I would recommend speaking to other mums and see what they found useful, be warned though they will all give you different answers as no two mums are the same. What one mum may find fabulous another may think its not worth its money.
So I wanted to share my top 5 baby products for new mums, these are products that I have found useful, essential and be lost without…

Baby Monitor

There are so many different brands and models available so take the time to think about what features are important to you. From sensor mats, built in cameras, lullaby’s and temperature sensors it can all feel a little overwhelming. Ask your friends, family and other mums what baby monitor they used with their child(ren) to see how they got on with them and if they would recommend. Personally I have used BT monitors with both Roo and Tigger, in fact Roo’s monitor is still going strong almost seven years down the line. I have older models of the BT Baby Monitor 250, why did I buy?
  • Temperature sensor – Our nursery has 3 external walls so can be the coldest room in the house so we wanted to be able to keep an eye on the temperature. Too hot and the display flashes and too low the parent handset bleeps.
  • Built in nightlight – Nightlight on the base unit which can be turned on or off using the parent handset too.
  • Lullaby – The option to put on the lullaby’s using the parent handset and have either one lullaby on repeat or the selection on repeat. 
  • Torch – Trust me you’ll be thankful of that when you are trying to find something in baby’s room at 2am!

Grobags – Baby sleeping bags

The year before I had Roo a colleague at work fell pregnant with twins and would often bring in some of the lovely things she had bought in preparation. One of the items she brought in was a Grobag and for me it was love at first sight. So when I found out I was pregnant with Roo I went on a little Grobag spending spree, so much so that my best friend banned me from buying anymore (there are so many cute designs it was difficult not to buy them). Anyway, Grobags are designed to prevent little ones from kicking off blankets and are in fact safer than using blankets as babies can’t cover their faces by accident with a Grobag. So why buy?
Compatible with a 5 point safety harness so if you have been out and about and baby is due for a nap or bedtime you can get them ready before you set off home. Also if you are driving around at 3am to get said baby back to sleep!

Muslin cloths

As a new mum I thought that muslin cloths were just to be used as burping cloths, to catch milky sick and thrown in the wash. I soon became to realise that they were part of my everyday life. From wiping and catching up sick, dribbles and little accidents, protecting your clothes in a vain attempt to last the day without finding dribble or sick down your top. They also make a great comfort blanket, Tigger still takes his muslin to bed every night. I would recommend purchasing muslin cloths as they wash well, hold their shape and are so much softer against babies skin.

Bath seat

Whilst some parents swear by all in one changing units personally I don’t. The impractical issues of filling and emptying the bath hidden below the changing station does not work for me. Most homes have a bath so why not use it for baby too? For Roo we never had a bath seat and I would struggle trying to hold her with one arm whilst trying to clean her, access baby products etc. with the other arm. I was bought a baby bath seat by a friend when I had Tigger and honestly I don’t know how I managed without one for Roo. I would recommend placing the seat to one side of the bath so that baby can touch the side with their hand as this makes them feel more secure.

Changing Bag

Many pushchairs will come with its own changing bag which whilst it may co-ordinate with your chosen mode of baby transport it may not be functional, practical and long lasting. I was fortunate to win a Pink Lining changing bag early last year and it is amazing the amount of things you can get in there. From helpful pockets, strong yet comfortable strap and durable fabric, not forgetting the fabulous range of designs available.
So there you have it my top 5 baby must have products, but what would you include on in your top 5?
Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: Sharing my top baby buys in collaboration with Bambino Direct

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