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Have you got any messy moments to share?

April 18, 2016

We’ve all seen the pictures on Facebook of the child standing there looking all innocent when both them and the room around them is covered in Sudocrem. Before I had children I would have looked at this photo and wondered how on earth it would be possible for a child to a) get hold of a tub of Sudocrem and open it and b) manage to cause so much destruction with just a tub of Sudocrem. I was one of those naive people who believed that these types of photos were just staged and couldn’t possibly happen in real life.

How wrong was I?

Now that I have children myself I completely understand the messy moments that they cause. From those early days of exploding nappies to the weaning stage (why is all weaning food orange?) to the terrible twos, our delightful children have the ability to make a mess in a white room, wearing nothing but white along with nothing else in the room – I don’t know how they do it!

Have you got any messy moments to share?

Carpetright has a fantastic messy moments competition running at the moment to win £500 of Carpetright vouchers, simply by sharing your home-related horror stories that maybe your ‘delightful’ little children caused. It’s really easy to enter too, simply follow them via Twitter and share your messy moments on the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom of their competition page.

Make sure that you check out their page for some great tips on how to get stains out of carpets and other items and furniture including red wine, chocolate and felt tip pens (always good to know when your little ones have been ‘creative’).

Talc Gate

In the spirit of sharing, I thought it only fair to share with you probably the messiest moment that I’ve had with my children…

Not long after we had finished our bedroom renovations we decided to have a little change around of furniture and replace Roo’s old wobbling wardrobe with a whole new set of IKEA STUVA furniture. Being a girlie girl we opted to get her beautiful pink doors and drawer fronts to match the fresh pink colour on her walls. Tigger’s old baby changing unit was sold on Gumtree and he inherited Roo’s old chest of drawers to house his clothes until we could decide how to make the best of the small space available in his box room.

The new furniture had arrived earlier in the week and had to wait until Mr Boo’ day off on Sunday before it could all be put together. We spent the whole day dismantling the old wardrobe, putting together the IKEA flat pack furniture, rearranging the furniture in order to give Roo and Tigger the new bedroom space that they needed.

Whilst Mr Boo had been putting up the furniture I took the time to go through Tigger’s baby bits in his room, pack away things that weren’t needed and I came across a couple of toiletry bits that were hidden in a drawer. So I popped the talcum powder and baby wash bottles on the side in Roo’s room ready to take down when we were finished. As time was getting on I popped downstairs to start the tea, Tigger decided he wanted to watch a DVD in the front room and came down with me. As I was making the tea Mr Boo had finished and come down to wash up ready to eat etc. 

Roo decided to stay upstairs, which given that she was 7 at the time wasn’t unusual. Once tea was ready I called her down and we all sat to eat dinner. With the children needing to go into the bath (Sunday night bath night) I popped upstairs to grab clean pyjamas for them both. Words cannot describe the horror I felt when I opened the door to Roo’s room.

Water next to the ocean

She had poured talcum powder everywhere, all over her new bedroom furniture, all over the new carpets we’d only just had laid, and over clean clothes that were waiting to be put away. It didn’t stop there, oh no, she had decided to spread the love of talcum powder throughout all the bedrooms. In Tigger’s bed, over his books, in my hairdryer, the wash basket – you name it and it was probably covered in talcum powder.

It took weeks to stop finding it in new places around the rooms and as Roo had ruined my hairdryer she had to use her money she had saved to buy me a new one.

To this day, she cannot (will not) tell me what possessed her to sprinkle everything with talcum powder. And whilst I know it was only talcum powder and it could have been worse that day is etched in my mind as Talc Gate! Needless to say, talcum powder is now banned in our house

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post, however, Roo really did cover all the bedrooms in talcum powder

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