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What The Dad Said | Building Time is Play Time with Strictly Briks

April 10, 2019

This is a gifted partnership with Strictly Briks

Strictly Briks is the fun building blocks that are compatible with all leading brick brands. Strictly Briks large building bricks are also compatible with all leading brands. A promised guaranteed tight fit with any large size building briks. The opportunities for creativity are endless as your child can combine their sets together and build an infinite amount of creations.

Strictly Briks Rainbow Stackable Tower Construction

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  • 12x 6″ inch square base plates (white, clear, grey, black, brown, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and pink)
  • 80 stackers

When it comes to assembling the Strictly Briks Rainbow Stackable Tower Construction it is relatively straightforward.

  1. Using one of the baseplates
  2. Add eight stackers (two on each corner)
  3. Add another baseplate on top of this
  4. Then continue until you have utilised six of the baseplates
  5. Then repeat the steps above to make a second Tower Construction

Tigger did start by trying to keep the coloured stackers in an order to match because that’s his personality. I reminded him to do whatever he wants and then the rest became more radical colour combinations.

The baseplates are 6″ squares so not huge but big enough for children to create mini rooms, showcase Minifigures or builds. Or Tigger’s case we decided that it would a fun place to add all his Mini Micros.

A colorful bedroom
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The Tower Construction set does get a little unstable as you go higher. So you would need to be careful with pushing down additional bricks onto it or the Stackers themselves. Utilising your own brick collection could make this far more creative than just the display towers that we have created. Adding different levels/heights or making wider etc.

The Strictly Briks Rainbow Stackable Tower Construction is available to buy from Amazon

Strictly Briks Classic Trap & Gap

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  • 2x Baseplates
  • 2x Trap & Gap baseplates
  • 15 Stackers

Assembling the Strictly Briks Classic Trap & Gap set is really easy and one that could be done in a couple of different ways. This is how we built it…

  1. Using one of the baseplates
  2. Add five of the stackers – one in each corner and one in the centre
  3. Add one of the Trap & Gap baseplates on top
  4. Repeat the stackers and Trap & Gap baseplate again
  5. Finish by adding the remaining stackers with the baseplate on top

This set comes with less pieces than the Tower Construction set. And as it only has one stacker height between baseplates it is slightly limited in what you can add on each level to interact with the set. Having said that it works great with Tigger’s Hot Wheels cars and you could add a few Minifigures as people.

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I was surprised by the lack of stackers for the Trap & Gap set, the height of one per level does make it very difficult to navigate, even for a child. I understand why they showed some cars as the height was more suitable for the display, rather than play. Personally, I would use more bricks to increase the height, the only issue then is the ramp becomes a little unusable and you would need to do a workaround.

The Strictly Briks Classic Trap & Gap are available to buy from Amazon

What The Dad Said thoughts…

Looking through the supplied books and the boxes, you could customise both of these sets far more than we did. You are able to create levels and join them up. As well as also utilising your own bricks to increase the high or make different levels. Overall they are a good addition to anyone looking to create display areas for their child’s brick collection or add additional baseplates for their creative play.

  • Jenny @thebrickcastle June 19, 2019 at 12:38 pm

    I really like the display stand. We have about a thousand things we could store on that – my lads are into rocks and geodes at the moment, so it wouldn’t even have to be bricks. I agree about the second item, it is very enclosed and you are very limited on what you can display or do, as you dont have a lot of hand space. 1 1/2 height looks like it would have worked better, but you would lose stability 🙂

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