Bond No. 9 Perfumes: New York in a Bottle

Bond No. 9 Perfumes: New York in a Bottle

July 29, 2023


The perfume house Bond No. 9 has set out to create perfumes that evoke the essence of some of New York City’s most iconic locations. Each fragrance seeks to capture the spirit of the location it is named for.

Professional perfumers create scents that do much more than smell good. A well-crafted perfume can trigger intense emotion and a flood of powerful memories. The average person can identify over a trillion different smells, and the sense of smell is directly connected to the brain’s emotional and memory centers.

Bond No. 9 Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village is one of the most beloved of all New York’s neighborhoods. Bond No. 9 Greenwich Village Eau de Parfum is as vibrant, sophisticated and bohemian as the neighborhood it’s named for. It pops to attention with citrus top notes, mellows into floral heart notes and its ambery base notes bring to mind evenings spent listening to beat poets and folk-rock legends in smoky rooms.

Bond No. 9 Greenwich Village

Bond No. 9 Wall Street

This is an aquatic scent that opens sharp and bold with notes of cucumber and citrus and dries down to sophisticated base notes of spicy amber and wood. Bond No. 9 Wall Street is a scent that brings to mind energy and power just like the street it is named for.

Bond No. 9 Central Park

An olfactory ode to New York’s treasured green space, Bond No. 9 Central Park is a green and woody scent that smells like Mother Nature in her most sophisticated dress. The top notes are fresh and green, the heart notes are a subtle and nostalgic floral and the base notes of cedar, musk and earthy patchouli conjure visions of an enchanted forest.

Bond No. 9 Tribeca

Tribeca is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in New York, but its roots are industrial and down to earth. Bond No. 9 Tribeca perfume is both upscale and elegant while maintaining a warmth that is comforting. Its scent profile opens with cacao and hazelnut, brings in woody heart notes, and then settles into base notes of caramel and moss. A cup of coffee and a pastry at a trendy cafe, followed by an afternoon wander through antique shops.

Bond No.9 Tribeca 3.4 oz EDP for unisex

Bond No. 9 Chinatown

Bond No. 9 Chinatown perfume perfectly captures the dichotomy of sweet and seductive. It is a floral scent with notes of peony, tuberose and peach blossom, but its base is exotic and sensual with notes of patchouli, sandalwood and cardamom. Deliciously complex and deceptively sweet, this scent evokes the mystery of Chinatown.

Bond No. 9 at LaBelle Perfumes

For those enticed by Bond No.9 perfumes, the entire line can be purchased online through LaBelle Perfumes, a premier online perfume distributor. They have curated a collection of luxury scents and made them available at significantly lower prices.

A great perfume should do more than smell nice. The professional perfumers at luxury perfume houses have the skill, artistry and experience to craft one-of-a-kind scents that evoke strong emotional responses. The price point of these creations can put them out of reach for some, but LaBelle Perfumes makes these elite scents available to all with discounted and wholesale pricing.

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