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November 16, 2020

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It’s that time of the year when we are all writing lists of people we need to purchase Christmas gifts for. If you’re anything like me you’ll also be jotting down ideas next to their names of things to possibly treat them to this festive season. However, this can be an easy or difficult task depending on which present buying category they fall into…

Present buying categories

Shopping for men - present buying categories

The Wishlisters

The easy people to buy presents for are the ones who have given some thought about what they would like to find underneath the Christmas tree. Making a Christmas wishlist for friends and family (Santa too!) to look at and purchase accordingly. If it’s good enough for the children to do each year, why shouldn’t us adults do it?

The I think I would likers

The middle of the road people on your gifting list, generally speaking the majority of people on your list will fall into this category. These are the ones who you have an idea of what they would like. Be it a passing comment, a favourite brand or simply something that catches your eye and makes you think of them.

The impossible ones

The Rachel Green category of people to buy for, whilst they don’t necessarily need to fussy (or ungrateful in the case of Rachel from Friends), it could just be lacking in inspiration. Not to lump all men into this category, however, I do find that they are on the whole more difficult to buy for.

Taking the stress out of shopping for men

Whilst I might buy something pretty, sparkly or beautifully smelling for one of my girlfriends. I can’t necessarily apply the same logic when it comes to shopping for men on my gifting list. However, with the help or Trendhim I have managed to apply a much more practical look at men’s gifts. In the same way, I would buy my best friend for favourite beauty brand as she wouldn’t treat herself to it, I have been thinking about the everyday things men use and would make ideal Christmas gifts.

Great everyday gifts for men

Trendhim Bags - Shopping for men
  • Belts – Accessories for men are limited compared to the range ladies have, however, a good belt can add that something extra to their outfit. As well as helping to keep their pants up, so irritating when you see them pulling up their trousers every five minutes – that or you are treated to a glimpse of their underwear (or butt crack).
  • Watches – The gift or time might not be possible, however, a new watch can help guide them throughout their day and bring a smile to their face when they check the time and recall you purchasing the watch.
  • Wallet – Whilst most of us have switched to using cards more often than cash a wallet is still a must-have accessory. Especially if it is lined with RFID blocking fabric to keep their cards safe and secure from skimming devices.
  • Bags – Although men might not have this same pull towards new bags as most women do. It doesn’t make it any less of a great gift for them. Enabling them to carry all they need for the task or day ahead. Be it a crossbody bag, messenger style bag with laptop storage or a backpack – there is a style/design no matter what they need it for.

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