A clock in the middle of a watch

Big girls wear watches

July 17, 2014

Over the past week or so we have been busily preparing for Roo to make the jump from infant school to junior school. This is a change that I never experienced as I attended a primary school until age 11 then off to secondary, however the schools in the local area are still infant and junior schools (although this is set to change in 2015).

I’m not sure how I feel about Roo changing schools, I know she will be transferring across with the majority of her classmates however they are split over three classes so will only see some of them at break time. At just 7 years old I’m not sure whether is it character building that they have to adjust to a new school, friends and teachers or whether it is completing unnecessary and the changing to primary schools will make this less stressful for little ones.

With lists of new clothing etc that Roo will require we headed off to our local school wear store after school on Monday. Roo was very excited to be trying on her new uniform, selecting a cardigan and a jumper and her new school ties in both elasticated and standard (I really must practice with her over the summer how to tie a tie). With the addition of a PE kit, backpack, water bottle and school coat she managed to cost me a little over £60 in one trip! This changing schools is costing me a small fortune!

As we were getting ready to leave the store I was flapping about being late back for the car as I didn’t want to get a ticket, trying to find my phone so I could check the time, Roo turned and looked at me…

‘Mummy, big girls wear watches!

If I had a watch I could make sure you were never late’

How can my little 7 year old be so grown up? I didn’t like to admit that she had a point about keeping me on schedule so pacified her with a ‘maybe I’ll get you a watch’.

Whilst Roo may only be 7 years old she is a November baby so one of the oldest in her class and wise beyond her years. Having learned all about time, clocks and watches earlier in the school year and her school report being so good maybe I needed to get her a little treat. The problem I have is that I don’t wear a watch, I have no idea what makes a good watch, do I get her a digital or analogue watch?

With Roo wanting to be more grown up I felt it was important to let her choose her own watch, so I loaded up The Watch Hut on my Chromebook and asked her to select which ones she liked. I was surprised to see that she had selected four that all were in sale and the cheapest ones available (a girl after my own heart).

A clock in the middle of a watchAfter choosing very similar style watches she had the touch decision of seeing which one she liked the best. Choosing between different shades of pink and purple can be a tough decision when you’re 7, but we got there in the end. Personally I loved the first pink one as it shows the past and to numbers on the outer dial however Roo preferred the purple with the butterfly on the watch face.

So now Roo can be a big girl with her watch and maybe just maybe she will keep me on time and make sure I’m never late.

What age did you little ones get their first real watch?

Disclosure: This post is brought to you in collaboration with The Watch Hut.



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