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Preparing my wardrobe for winter

October 25, 2016

As much as I try to cling onto the warmer days of summer, I do have to admit that autumn is here and winter is hot on its tail. I’ve been in denial of how chilly the mornings are getting with me still favouring summer t-shirts with a hoodie thrown over the top. With my hands tucked inside the sleeves as I push the pushchair, it’s time I updated my wardrobe for winter and the colder months ahead.

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Preparing my wardrobe for winter

I actually quite like the autumn and winter months compared to the summer for dressing. Favouring cosy jumpers, jeans, and boots complete with a big thick scarf – fabulous. It must be the northerner in me that likes the layers and they cosy feeling from being wrapped up. There are some key items that make a winter wardrobe and there’re lots of decisions to make regarding each one.


With the weather so up and down at the moment, layers are the best way to go in terms of adding warmth. Deciding against chunky knit jumpers and favouring log sleeve tops paired with a hoodie or cardigan. Wearing a vest top or tee underneath thinner jumpers will also provide those think layers that keep you warm but without adding too much bulk.


The autumn and winter months signal the need for new boots, whether you opt for that one robust pair that is going to get you through the seasons. Or opt for a couple of pairs to pair up with different outfits. Knee high boots paired with skinny jeans or thick tights look great as well as adding additional warmth to your legs. Ankle boots provide that flexibility depending on what you are wearing and what adventures you are going on. Plus you might want to think about adding a pair of wellies to your footwear collection, especially if the floods in recent years are anything to go by.


Finding the right coat to last you through the colder months can be tricky. With many different coats to choose from, how do you make the right choice?

  • Do you opt for a woollen one that looks super stylish but not offering much protection from the rain?
  • Do you opt for an all-in-one coat that gives you the ability to stay dry and just wear the inner coat if required?
  • Do you opt for a big quilted coat that looks and feels as though you are carrying your duvet around with you for that complete snug factor?

Whichever coat you choose, make sure it is something that fits your lifestyle and one that will go well with the jeans, boots, and other items within your wardrobe.

What’s in your winter wardrobe?


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