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Best Indoor Games For Kids

August 17, 2020

This lockdown period has made us realize so many different whereabouts of our lifestyle. One such important thing is the importance of indoor games. This is a very strange period where the fields seem to lure us but we have to stay within our homes for security purposes. Under such circumstances, it becomes inevitable to engage ourselves with some productive work. By far the biggest challenge is to tackle the kids. They have no parks or fields to play in. They are not even going to schools and it is very likely that the children will get bored sitting idle at home

But this is the perfect time for indoor games. Actually, indoor games are slowly losing their popularity in recent days, with the advent of smart technology and digital video games for kids. The healthy ritual of sitting down with the family altogether and playing indoor games is evaporating and that is not appreciable at all.

Let us have a look at the 9 best indoor games that your kids can enjoy

Best Indoor Games For Kids


3D puzzles or picture puzzles are one of the best indoor games for kids. Not only is this game a great way to pass the time but it is equally important in building the concentration of the child. For little children picture puzzles are better. You can grab the puzzles of some of their favourite cartoon characters to make the game much more exciting for them. If your child is above 6 years of age, then you can try out word puzzles with them. Word puzzles are a unique way to improve the vocabulary power of children.

Freeze game

This is a good indoor game because it can be suitable for adults as well, so you can fully participate with your kids. One referee has to blindfolded command freeze while the others are moving around. All the participants will have to pause at the immediate gesture. The one who can hold the posture for the longest wins the game. This game is a great way to improve the concentration of your kid and the level of patience. All you need to have is a bit of space. You can even play music while playing the game if you want to make it more interesting

Ball catch

This game requires minimalistic equipment and hence it is pretty easy to play. You ought to make a team of two people. One person will throw the ping pong ball and the other person will catch it in a cup or any other hollow object that can accommodate the cup. It plays a role in improving the attention of the kids because they have to coordinate the motion of the hands according to the incoming ball. It improves motor coordination.

Best Indoor Games For Kids


One of the most entertaining games to play while you are at home. There will be one colour man and he or she will dictate a colour. The other people in the game have to spot that colour from the surrounding. This improves the seeking or searching tendency in the kids. It will also improve their observation capacity and be extremely beneficial in the long run. Let your kids also become the colourman sometimes and you seek for the coloured object. This way, they will find the game more interesting

Penny pitching

A fantastic game to improve the coordination skills of your kids. All you gotta do is place a hollow cup or any bowl with a wide mouth over a table or any raised surface. This surface should be at a considerable distance from the kid. Now, give your kids some pennies or pebbles or small ping pong balls. They have to aim at putting the pennies inside that container at one throw. The number of times they succeed will be a reflection of their scores. The distance between the child and the surface will be directly proportional to their age. This is a good game to tune attention and motor skills if practised on regular schedules.

Noughts and crosses

Noughts and crosses is an age-old game that we all have been playing since childhood. But it has not become old and is a perfect example of old is gold. There can be two members at a time in the game. There are two symbols…the circle and the cross. The person who completes a row or column with consecutive symbols faster than the other member wins the game. Everybody knows this game and it is an awesome indoor game to play with your kids.

Best Indoor Games For Kids


This is an ideal group game and all the members of the family can participate in this game. Names of many objects will be written on chits of paper. All the paper chits will be put in a bowl. Now, one by one each member will pick up one of the chits and draw the object mentioned in the chit on the board or paper. Others will have to guess the name of the object. If they are able to guess it right, the one who drew it gets a point. That is how it works. Awesome game to improvise the creative skills of the kid. Also helps to improve their creativity.

Name, place, animal, things

This may have any conventional or fancy name, but name, place, animal, things is the crude name of this game. Every member will have to sit with a pen and paper. There will be 5 columns in the paper under the headings name, place, animal and things. One member will randomly choose any letter and every player has to write down one name, one place, one animal and one thing starting with that letter. The task is to complete it within the stipulated time which is very short. This game is awesome if you want to increase your knowledge about the names of different places or objects. A good way for your kids to improve their general knowledge

Memory game

This is also quite an old game but remains the classical favourite of many kids and adults alike. As the name suggests, this game is a pretty good choice if you want to improve the memory of the kids. There will be a theme for every round of the game, say for example flowers. So, all the members will have to mention the name of a flower along with the names previously mentioned by the members. The game will go in a cyclical way. The one who forgets the sequence will be out of the game. This way, there will be one winner until the end. It is an absolutely engrossing game.

Indoor games are a scientific way to ensure the all-around development of children in the safest way. It is also one of the most interesting ways to promote creativity and expression in children. Physiologically, indoor games have a great impact on the improvement of innumerable motor skills and coordination in children. Psychologically, indoor games are a great way to get your family together and append some quality time with each other which has a significant impact on the mental development of the child.

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