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Snow Day Activities: What To do With the Kids In Winter

December 6, 2022

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During the winter months, kids dream of those wonderful, random days, when they can cast all their worries aside, throw caution to the wind, break free, and have a good time. Yes, that’s right, we’re talking snow days! The absolute best thing kids can do on a snow day is get outside in the snow, and once they do, there is a whole winter wonderland filled with fun things to do.

School snow day

When the weather is freezing cold and there is snow on the ground, children and teenagers everywhere do something they usually try to avoid – watch or listen to the news in the morning. By doing that they will be able to find out which schools are taking a “snow day”, and not having any classes.

When the youngsters hear their school’s name announced on the news, the celebration begins. No class today, so they can stay home and do whatever they want all day. But after the snowman is built, the snowball fight is complete, the sledging is finished and the ice hockey game is decided, they realize there is a big part of the day left. What are they going to do now? This is so boring!

Tech-free snow day activities for kids

It might be easy for adults to send the kids to watch television or play video games or surf the Internet. But those options aren’t available to everyone. And doing those things gets boring after a while, too. So it is important to have other snow day ideas in mind to entertain kids in the wintertime.

Tech-free snow day activities for kids - gingerbread man

Make Cookies

The suggestion of baking is not likely to draw a lot of excitement initially. But if the adult in charge of the project takes time to explain to kids what they get to do they are likely to become interested.

While preparing the batter, kids can do any number of things – scoop the sugar and flour, pour the chocolate chips and/or nuts, help run the mixer, etc. Then they can help put the batter on the tray for the cookies. And they can choose decorations and even do the decorating themselves.

And let’s not forget about the eating. Whether it’s licking the spoons, mixer beaters, or mixing bowl, kids can get a taste (or two) of their creation before the baking begins. Plus, they get to smell the treats while they are baking. And the highlight of the entire experience is eating the warm treasures minutes after they come out of the oven.

Wrap Gifts

In the days and weeks ahead, there will be gifts – some handmade, some ordered online, some purchased at the store – lying around the house intended for friends and family members.

Chances are there will be wrapping paper and tape lying around, too. So on winter days when they can’t play outside – or don’t want to anymore, kids can help wrap Christmas gifts. They can choose the paper to use for a particular gift, or they can select gift tags. Some kids might even get involved enough to insist on writing the names on the tags.

Decorate Christmas Tree

An indoor activity that is often popular during the winter is decorating the family Christmas tree: hanging the ornaments, stringing the lights, etc. This activity is only good for one day, but it provides lots of entertainment – and some quality family time, for the people involved.

Tech-free snow day activities for kids - a girl putting a christmas star on a christmas tree


Nowadays, the art of crafting with kids has grown tremendously. Designate an appropriate area within the home and pull out the different apparatus and allow your kids to explore their imagination. Maybe, you could have them make cards with winter as the theme.

Fashion Show

Have your precious ones raid their closets and collect scarves, boots, hats, mittens, etc. Organise a winter fashion show and use your digital camera to capture the special moments walking down the ‘runway.’


Select a very interesting and intriguing book that is loaded with drama and mystery. Do make this session as dramatic as possible. Have your kids act out each character’s parts. Or, you all could cuddle by the fireplace and each family member tell their favourite story while you sip on hot chocolate.


One of the most fun things for kids to do on a snow day is sledging! This is a thrilling activity for kids, but don’t tell them that is good for them as it also promotes physical activity, which is something that many kids, with the technology of today’s society available at their fingertips, do not get enough of. After they find a good hill and dig out their winter gear, they will be on their way to having the best snow day ever!

Tech-free snow day activities for kids

Snow Sculpturing

Once again, the new winter wonderland outside offers another fun activity that is sure to provide hours of fun on a snow day! Kids can build whatever type of snow sculpture they want, and for added flair, Moms and Dads can provide some bonus items for kids to work with including food colouring and water bottles for added strength and colour. Kids are sure to have a blast making their very own snow creations using what nature, and a long-awaited snow day, have given them.


There is nothing more exciting on a snow day than cruising up and down hills, through snow drifts, and through the tree’s on a snowmobile. While most kids don’t have their very own snowmobile, some do, and many of their parents do. Snowmobiling is not just a fun activity for the kids to take part in on a snow day, but it’s for Moms and Dads too, and a great way to spend some time together as a family!

Snow days can be fun days too!

The next time kids hear they have a “snow day” at school they will get excited as usual. But with some activities to choose from that involve spending time with the kids, adults should find a reason to be happy, too.

When hit with a snow day, which is also a holiday for school kids, there are lots of fun things to do such as those discussed, as well as snowshoeing and ice skating when there is an iced area not covered in snow. The main objective for a fun and memorable day is to get outside, no matter what the winter activity is being done. Just play, that’s all that is needed, for a snow day that’s everything it should be fun, frosty, and full of childlike excitement.

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