Discover The Amazing Benefits of Owning a Clothes Dryer

Discover The Amazing Benefits of Owning a Clothes Dryer

November 14, 2023


Clothes dryers are easily one of the best appliances to have in your house if you want to make washing and drying clothes as efficient and easy as possible. Here are a few reasons why you should get one for yourself.

Saves Time & Effort 

Firstly, clothes dryers will save you a ton of time and effort. Having up laundry can be a pain, and it becomes challenging if you live somewhere cold and rainy for many months of the year. 

If you want an easier way to dry clothes, looking up dryer Black Friday deals over the coming weeks is the best way to find the perfect dryer for you and your needs.

Saves Space

If you live in an apartment or somewhere that doesn’t have a garden, it can be very difficult to dry large amounts of clothing. Having one or multiple clotheshorses can take up a substantial amount of space, and you need to leave them out for days to get the clothes dried properly. 

Instead, a dryer can be as small as a chest of drawers and can be kept under most counters and in cupboards. They are ideal for apartments and, at a push, can be kept and used in a larger bathroom.

Discover The Amazing Benefits of Owning a Clothes Dryer

They’re Efficient 

There is little to no doubt surrounding the efficiency of a clothes dryer. A dryer does the same job in a couple of hours compared to traditional drying methods, which can sometimes take multiple days to dry clothes.

On top of being able to dry your clothes quickly, many machines are now very energy-efficient and save you money, allowing you to enjoy optimum performance without breaking the bank each month. 

Easy to Dry Large Items

Drying bedding, blankets, pillows, etc, can all be difficult without a clothes dryer. Not only do they need to be completely dry to avoid having an off-putting damp smell, but this process can also take days. 

However, when using a dryer, you can dry something as large as a king-sized duvet in a few hours and have it ready to use. 

Maintains Clothing Colors

When you dry your clothes in the sun, the ultraviolet light will make the colors in your clothes fade. However, a clothes dryer simply provides heat, which doesn’t have the same effect on colors as the sun does. 

Minimizes Wrinkles 

Finally, a clothes dryer is brilliant at minimizing wrinkles. The tossing and tuning of the clothes in the machine stops them from crumpling together, leading to fewer wrinkles. You can then hang the clothes to prevent wrinkles or quickly iron them. 

Discover The Amazing Benefits of Owning a Clothes Dryer

How to Choose a Clothes Dryer

Several factors go into choosing a clothes dryer. While there are a lot of variables, there are three you need to look into the most: the types of dryers, the programming options, and the drum size.

Different Dryer Types

There are three main types of dryers: vented, condenser dryers, and heat pump dryers. Each of them have their own differences and benefits. 


In simple terms, a venter dryer uses a pipe or tube to pump hot and damp air out of the machine to the outside. Vented dryers are the oldest type of dryer, and all tend to be more affordable compared to other models. 


A condenser dryer doesn’t need to be connected to pipes or outside vents; instead, it condenses the hot air and steam in the machine and turns it into water, which collects in a container. This all means that these types of dryers can be placed anywhere and don’t need any outside connections. 

Heat Pump

Heat pump dryers are the most expensive models but also the most energy-efficient. They use clever technology that utilizes hot air to extract moisture from the clothes, which evaporates into a tank. 

Discover The Amazing Benefits of Owning a Clothes Dryer


Clothes dryers all feature different collections of programs and drying options, so choosing a model with different modes for different materials is essential. You can also take this a step further by choosing a model that offers varying levels of drying.

The iron dry mode leaves enough moisture in the clothing to make ironing easier. Cupboard dry makes the clothes dry enough to pack away immediately, while extra dry is perfect for large items like duvets, as they need more drying time compared to clothes. 

Drum Size

Depending on how frequently you do washing and how big your family is, drum size will be important. Drum size typically ranges from 7kg-10kg. While this can be hard to picture, 7kg is roughly 35 t-shirts, and 10kg is about 50 t-shirts. 

Investing in a clothes dryer can be expensive at first, but over the long run, it will save you an extraordinary amount of time, effort, and money. As mentioned before, they are ideal for any household and even better for smaller homes. If you want to make life and household chores that much easier, a clothes dryer should be at the top of your appliance wish list.

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