A kitchen with a sink and a window

The Benefits Of Building An Energy Efficient Home

February 5, 2017

Ontario homeowners may be getting some relief on their hydro bill thanks to new rebates, but as soon as they were introduced, the Ontario carbon tax added a brand new line to those bills. Many households in Ontario are fed up with paying more and more for power, but expensive power is likely here to stay. If you truly want to cut down on your costs, you’re better off taking matters into your own hands and making some crucial energy efficient renovations.

Building an energy efficient home is an invaluable decision that lessens your carbon footprint, reduces heating and cooling bills, and gives your home a higher resale value in the long run. When you are choosing to make your home energy-efficient, you should consider using materials in your home’s construction to reduce energy loss. One of the main focuses many homeowners take on is their windows, as these are typically big sources for heat loss or gain. Not only can you use new, Energy Star-approved windows to cut down your monthly expenses, you can give your home a much-needed facelift at the same time.

A kitchen with a sink and a window

Windows are responsible for up to 25 to 30% of increases on cooling and heating bills, especially older ones where the caulking has degraded, resulting in air leaks and a harder working heating system. The reverse is true for summer weather when you need to run an air conditioner – but energy efficient windows go beyond simply sealing the environment. Window companies like London, Ontario-based Golden Windows use new technology like Low-E coatings and argon gas fills to separate warm air from cold air, while reflecting heat back to its source, either inside your home in the cold months and back out when the summer sun is shining into your living room. When you’re choosing an energy efficient window, you want one that has a low-emissivity surface coating, preferably double-paned, and a frame made of a material that is not an easy conductor for heat transfer, like vinyl or wood.

Selecting windows from a window company in London Ontario is a choice that will improve the value of your home, provide you with lasting savings, and benefit the environment. You can find them in any style from the right manufacturer, whether you’re looking for simple and standard casement or awning windows, or you have unique bay or portrait windows that you want to replace. The right place will also have plenty of door options, whether you’re in the market for a new and improved entryway system or you want to open up your living room by installing glass sliding doors that open out onto your backyard, pool, a wooded area, or the lake.

No matter what choice of window style you make, aside from construction materials, you must make sure that you have your windows properly installed, as well. A properly installed energy-efficient window will be able to work at its best, saving you money on your bills and keeping your family comfortable. When you source your building materials, find a company like Golden Windows that can also handle installation, take measurements, and provide you with a quote. Proper caulking and installation are the secrets to effectively controlling the temperature inside your home without using excessive hydro.

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