How to Optimise Your Bedroom Space in a Small Apartment

How to Optimise Your Bedroom Space in a Small Apartment

June 12, 2023


In our modern day and age, many of us are opting to live in compact and cosy, albeit admittedly, smaller-sized apartments. Of course, this lifestyle choice can be for several reasons. However, with the cost of living and housing crisis in full force today, the truth of the matter is that large stately homes are simply out of reach for most people! Unfortunately, the vast majority of us simply cannot afford the dream of living in a mansion with a big backyard, swimming pool, tennis court, and other luxury amenities reserved for the rich.

As such, more and more of us are choosing to rent out or buy properties that are decidedly less spacious and smaller than ever. Despite this, a lack of space in your apartment does not mean your home can’t be warm, inviting, and aesthetically appealing! Perhaps most importantly, this also goes for the bedroom – which for many people, is their favourite wind-down sanctuary within their abode. So, for our top tips on optimising your bedroom space and making it as comfortable and roomy as possible, just read on!

How to Optimise Your Bedroom Space in a Small Apartment

Furnish Your Bedroom with Compact Sized Furniture

When attempting to maximise the diminished space that exists in a smaller-sized bedroom, it is important to furnish the room accordingly! Of course, there is simply no point in furnishing a small apartment space with large furniture items, and the same is true of a smaller bedroom. An impressive but overbearing four-poster super-king-size mattress and corresponding bed frame will certainly not be appropriate for a small bedroom space.

Oversized bedroom furniture will just dominate the room, as well as take up valuable floor space. As such, it is highly advisable to choose bed frames that not only fit the space well, but that also complement the size of the room. If your bedroom is quite small, it makes perfect sense to opt for a smaller mattress. For example, a double bed can be a great alternative for a couple residing in a smaller apartment. Alternatively, if you are living alone, a king single is slightly larger and more comfortable than a traditional single bed, while still being a good space-saving option for smaller bedrooms. 

Once you have decided on the best sleeping arrangement to fit your smaller bedroom, the next step is to furnish the remainder of the space (if there is any)! Standing shelves are an excellent storage option to save room in a small space, and efficiently pack away your belongings. Of course, it is recommended that you stand the shelves right up against your bedroom walls to maximise the space around them.

Importantly, while standing shelves most often come in the form of bookshelves, it is essential to be creative when trying to save space! Standing shelves originally designed to store books can instead be repurposed to display your treasured shoe collection, or to perch your handbags on. Neatly folded clothes can also be stored on standing shelves. For extra aesthetic appeal, try to colour-coordinate the belongings you place on your storage shelves. This will also create the appearance of order and tidiness, as well as have a calming overall visual effect. 

How to Optimise Your Bedroom Space in a Small Apartment

Decorate Tastefully: Make Your Bedroom Space Look Aesthetically Pleasing

Choosing decor that makes your bedroom look as aesthetically pleasing as possible is a great way to optimise your smaller surface area. For example, clean lines and neutral colours work wonders in opening up a space and making it look bigger. Mirrors can also play a big part in achieving this effect, as hanging a mirror on an empty wall can create the illusion of the reflected space being larger than it is.

For avid decorators, it is also highly recommended you opt for a more minimalistic style. Often referred to as the clean girl aesthetic, minimalism can be achieved by decluttering your bedroom space as much as possible. Get rid of unwanted junk and unnecessary knick-knacks regularly by purging your space of any items you do not use frequently. This will not only help make your bedroom space look bigger, but it will also provide you with a sense of calm, serenity, and clarity of mind.

Final thoughts

Knowing how to maximise a smaller space is essential in this day and age. With many of us living in tiny apartments with even tinier bedrooms, knowing how to furnish and decorate your space can go a long way! Choosing smart furniture options that not only fit but also complement your living quarters is essential. Just as important is opting for decor that enhances the appearance of your home by creating the illusion of spaciousness.

Most importantly, if you follow our tips to optimise your smaller space, you can turn your bedroom sanctuary from squashed to serene. You’ll be feeling cosy and comfortable in no time! 

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