Baby and children’s health books from Dr Dawn Harper

As someone who likes to leave an age gap between her children, by the time it comes to have the next one I have completely forgotten everything about the baby years. With Roo, I read everything I could get my hands on. All the books, magazines and those annoying baby update emails you get from every brand under the sun. By the time I had Tigger, I relaxed and hoped that it would all come flooding back, which for the most part did. With a five year age gap with Piglet, I had completely forgotten everything. Even now I still feel like a new mum, looking up the same questions and ailments.

Thankfully I have the new baby and children’s health books from Dr Dawn Harper, which are guiding me through Piglet’s first year and give me hope for the toddler years.

Baby and children’s health books from Dr. Dawn Harper


Dr. Dawn’s Guide to Your Baby’s First Year

A new baby presents many firsts, from first nappy change, feed, and bath, to first smile along with the first of many sleepless nights! As GP and mother of three, Dr. Dawn takes you through the steep learning curve that presents when you become a parent, taking you through the basics of feeding, changing and bathing.


This reassuring book tells you what to expect, covering everything from nappy rash and sore nipples to premature babies, coping with twins and dealing with emergencies. Other topics include:

  • taking care of yourself as a new mother
  • sleeping
  • travelling with your baby
  • teething
  • developmental checks and milestones
  • vaccinations and the diseases they protect against
  • infant ailments
  • medicines and first aid
  • safety in and around the home

Dr Dawn’s Guide to Toddler Health

Life with a toddler is high speed, fun and sometimes scary. From one minute to the next, your child may learn to walk, say his or her first words and scribble all over the wall!

In this helpful book, designed to follow on from Dr Dawn’s Guide to Your Baby’s First Year, Dr Dawn guides you through the amazing changes you will notice in the next three years and helps you to stay one step ahead in your child’s expanding world. She explains how to foster your child’s growing independence in eating, dressing and bathing, while keeping him or her safe and well.


This book also covers illness and looks at when you should see a doctor. Other topics include:

  • sleeping
  • bathing, toileting, and hygiene
  • teething
  • travelling with your toddler
  • developmental checks and milestones
  • vaccinations and why it’s vital to have them
  • an A to Z of toddler ailments
  • medicines and first aid
  • toddler safety

The two books offer bite-sized advice covering a range of subjects. Perfect for quick reference throughout the first few years especially for new mums, or like me, who have had a break between children.



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Disclosure: We received a copy of the baby and children’s health books from Dr Dawn Harper FOC for the purpose of review


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