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August 29, 2013
As someone who really quite enjoys ironing I do often find it strange when I hear someone say they do not like it. My best friend gets her husband to do all of the ironing, whereas I wouldn’t let Mr Boo anywhere near my iron and ironing board. Up until recently I was using an iron that we got given as a wedding present nearly 9 years ago. This was until I was introduced to Tefal’s Smart Technology Steam Generators, honestly I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Tefal as a brand are experts in ironing technology they have evolved and developed ironing technology along the years from the first electric iron to feature a wooden handle to today’s Smart Technology steam generators.

Iron and Steam generator
Product: Calor
Launch date: 1917
New type of electric iron with wooden handle, shaped to improve ironing

Iron and Ironing
Product: Calor
Launch date: 1932
New type of electric iron with thermostat control

A close up of a box
Product: Calor
Launch date: 1953
First steam iron to feature ‘Vapomatic’ Control – different temperature settings for different fabrics with a shot of steam

Steam and Steam generator
Product: Calor Pressing Pro
Launch date: 1985
First steam generator range produced by Groupe SEB

A close up of a box
Product: Calor Super Gliss
Launch date: 1986
Steam iron with Supergliss soleplate, a Drillium that outperformed other existing materials on the market (PTFE, stainless steel, chrome) thanks to its anti-scratch and anti-staining properties.

Steam generator and Ironing
Product: Calor Aquagliss
Launch date: 1990
First iron range with integrated anti-scale protection.

A close up of a motorcycle
Product: Tefal Pro Minute Steam Generator
Launch date: 2008
A development of steam generators that offered a combination of professional quality ironing at home and compact size. Also featured innovative Anti-calc collector.

A desk with a mouse on a table
Product: Tefal Smart Technology Steam Generator
Launch date: 2013
Tefal’s revolutionary new range of Smart Technology Steam generators, designed to offer simplified, one touch setting controls catering for simplicity seekers and ironing experts alike.

As part of my role as a Tefal Innovation Panelist I have bee fortunate to try out one of Tefal’s Smart Technology steam generators. With three new models to choose from Tefal Pro Express Total Easy ControlTefal Pro Express Total Auto Control and Tefal Pro Express Total X-Pert Control.

1. Easy control: One universal setting, safe to use on all fabrics, designed for the simplicity seeker
2. Auto control: Three straight forward settings (Normal/Delicate/Jeans) offering increased control for the more demanding user
3. X-Pert Control: Five precise fabric settings (Synthetics/Silk/Wool/Cotton/Linen) for the expert user who wants to achieve perfection

Tefal Smart Technology Steam Generators key features:

• Exclusive Anti-Calc Collector for long lasting steam performance
• Lock System for safe and easy transportation
• Steam and Electrical Cord Storage
• Fast 2 minute heat-up
• Powerful Vertical Steam
• Continuous Refill
• Eco Mode
• Premium quality ceramic or palladium soleplates
• Auto and X-Pert Control steam generators also feature a removable water tank and Auto-Off safety feature.

I opted for the Tefal Pro Express Total Easy Control steam generator. Whilst I love ironing I am someone who does not look at product labels to see what setting I need the iron on. Nor do I sort my ironing into piles of fabric types. I am lazy when it comes to my iron in the respect that I turn it up high and off I go, this is why the Easy Control is the steam generator for me.

Tefal Pro Express Total Easy Control GV7550 key product features:

• Easy, gentle and adaptable ironing for all fabrics thanks to Tefal’s Smart Technology Easy Control
• Safe to use with no risk of burning, and no compromise on power with 5.2 bar pressure and up to 220g/min steam delivery
• Long-lasting performance thanks to Tefal’s unique Anti-Calc Collector
• Featuring the exclusive Ultraglide soleplate, number one for glideability.

Back in July when I was first introduced to the new range of Smart Technology steam generators I was given a demonstration on how the iron adjusts to the fabric it is ironing. The gentleman placed the iron on a shirt and left it there… honestly I was twitching to move it, fearing that it was going to burn. Low and behold after a few minutes he moved it and to my surprise there was no mark, nothing… amazing!

After using the Easy Control at home I can really see what a difference the steam can make to ironing. With a whoosh of steam relaxing the fibres whilst he soleplate works its magic smoothing out even the most difficult of creases. Whilst I used to iron on high heat and hope for the best, the introduction of inbuilt temperature control really has made a difference. No long am I worried about ironing certain clothes and the steam is great for getting creases out of curtains (whilst they are hanging).

At around £225 a steam generator is an investment piece but the ease it cuts through my ironing pile I would highly recommend to all. It may be a little more bulky than a conventional iron, however I don’t feel it takes up that much more space with it’s cord storage and no need to refill every five seconds. Plus as the iron sits on the generator unit locked into place with their lock system you can put it away straight after ironing, no hot plates exposed for little fingers to accidentally touch.

Available to buy from Argos, John Lewis, Amazon and other good retailers:

Are you a lover or hater of ironing?

Would you upgrade to a steam generator to make your life easier? 
Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: I am a member of the Tefal Innovation Panel, I have received the Tefal Pro Express Total Easy Control steam generator FOC for the purpose of review.

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