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Genius Items To Consider Investing In For Your Baby’s First Year

October 7, 2016

With your first baby on the way, chances are you’re pretty organized. You’ve probably spent hours scouring the internet and reading baby magazines, working out what you need to get in preparation for when the little one arrives. Pram? Check. Baby grows? Check. Bottle sterilizer? Need we even ask. Check, check, check. But there are a few extra items that will make your first few months as a mother easier. They might not be absolute essentials. But you will truly appreciate them when you’re run off your feet, doing 2 am feeds and changing your fifth nappy of the day. So, we recommend you invest in these items. Sit back and relax. Recuperate while your baby sleeps soundly. Don’t forget to check out baby proofing tips as well whilst you are thinking about making baby item purchases.

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Nursing Pillows

Breast is best when it comes to feeding your baby. They might be small, but newborns do weigh something. When you’re holding them most of the time, your arms will inevitably begin to ache. Getting your baby to latch on and feed properly is hard enough in itself. Never mind with the added interruption of having to rearrange how you’re holding him or her because your arms are starting to tingle and go numb. A nursing pillow will be your achy arms’ savior. They are a rounded cushion that will go around your waist, just under your breasts. Baby will be able to lie on it while feeding. Though you should still support your baby’s weight and head, it will take a load off your shoulders. Baby will also feel comfortable and probably nod off once he or she has finished feeding.

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Room Temperature Monitor

Worried that your baby is too hot or too cold? Not sure whether to add a few layers of clothing and swaddle blankets or to turn the heating up? Room temperature monitors are widely available. Ones specifically designed for new mothers will even light up green when the temperature is perfect and go red when the temperature rises too high. These accurate devices mean that you will know the exact temperature of any room at any time. You will no longer doubt yourself when it comes to creating a comfortable environment for your little bundle of joy to snooze in.

Nappy Disposal System

Learning how to change a nappy is a novelty at first. With the cotton balls, different nappy designs and different creams and lotions. But the novelty soon wears thin. Loaded nappies pose a near lethal threat. You don’t want them lying about in your standard bin, but you’re tired of traipsing to the bin down the road every time your little one decides to use the toilet. Nappy disposal systems are the cure to your woes. They are small bins, especially designed for disposing of unwanted, dirty nappies. You place the used nappy in the top, close the lid, wind a handle, and it will be compactly pressed into a sealed bag. It can be stored without causing your home to smell. Then you can dispense of all the nappies when it is full in one fell swoop.

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