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Love is Forever: DIY Gift Ideas Your Partner Will Cherish

March 9, 2020

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Making handmade gifts can be more fun than buying them at the store. Although your creation may not be perfect, it will be more meaningful than anything you can grab off of a rack. Giving your partner a DIY gift is a special way to brighten their day. In fact, he or she might even cherish these gift ideas for a lifetime.

Draw on a Mug

You can use a sharpie to draw whatever you desire on a mug, and give this to your partner. Being a professional artist isn’t necessary to create something aesthetically pleasing. Try using a basic black sharpie, or find them in other colours. Write a heartfelt message or something a bit more humorous. Further, draw heart doodles, happy faces or whatever comes to mind.

Craft a Mini Book

You can use different materials and mediums to create a mini book to treasure. Alternately, keep it simple by using essential supplies. You might enjoy making a picture book of your relationship journey or write an endearment for each day of the year. Include illustrations you thought up yourself and anything else your partner will love.

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Bake Heart-Shaped Treats

You can bake simple treats such as heart-shaped cookies. Further, cut French toast or other foods into hearts. Another idea is to decorate cupcakes or a cake with hearts or something else. You can use recipes from a food blog, recipe book or cooking show. Find various cookie cutters at a craft store. Whatever you bake, make it meaningful.

Create a Photo Book

With the right software, creating a photo book can be one of the simplest items you’ll ever make. Using the photos on your device, lay them out in a single image or amazing collage. Then, have fun customizing with different background colours, text and more. Be ready to give everyone a copy of your dazzling photo book.

Fill a Jar with Happy Notes

Happiness doesn’t always come easily, even on the best of days. For this reason, your partner may benefit from a happiness jar. Write positive notes on small pieces of paper, and place these in your jar. These can say anything you like as long as they’ll make your significant other smile or even laugh out loud. You can even have fun decorating the outside of the jar.

Make a Whimsical Greeting Card

Everyone needs to know someone cares, and a greeting card might be the perfect idea for the moment. You can find greeting card tutorials online to craft something unique and personal. Cricut machines are perfect for creating art for a card. Alternatively, generate your own ideas for a gift from the heart. Make it colourful and expressive, or try using watercolours for a softer appearance.

Knit a Warm Scarf

Pick up your knitting supplies to craft a cosy scarf for your partner. He can wear it around the office, on a dinner for two or while reading a book at home. If you don’t know how to knit, you can take a class, or read a book or tutorial. After all, who wouldn’t want a beautiful scarf handmade by you?

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Construct a Cheap Date Ideas Jar

Although some people would rather spend time in lavish settings, cheap dates are often more meaningful. You can write a bunch of cheap date ideas on separate pieces of paper, and drop them in an affordable jar. A few examples are watching a favourite movie at home, heading to the local bowling alley or making a delicious meal for two together.

Pen a Crafty Love Letter

You can write a love letter on standard notebook paper, or get more creative. For instance, try cutting any colour card stock of your choosing into a heart or envelope. From here, express your true feelings, or include a famous love quote. Create hot air balloons, puffy white clouds or cute puppies, among others.

Craft a Bag of Favourite Things

Knowing how to sew isn’t necessary to create a gift that matters. You can purchase a simple paper bag or make one with Kraft paper. Consider tying a ribbon or string around it as an extra special detail. Fill it with a few items your partner loves. This may be a silk rose, pink sweater or baseball cap.

If you have the right supplies, you can start creating one or more of these gift ideas. Make sure to put your heart and soul into each project. Besides this, have fun by immersing yourself in your work. Your partner should also enjoy receiving the amazing gift you made yourself.

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