A person sitting at a table with a plate of food

Celebrating the World Cup with Aldi Fiesta Quesadillas

June 27, 2018

When it comes to football I have to confess to being more interested in the football strips than the game itself. However, I married a lifelong football supporter so football is part and parcel of our family life. Especially with the children following in his footsteps and loving the game. With the World Cup taking the nation by storm, our house has become a contest of guessing which team will win each match. With me, once again selecting by which strip I prefer – which has had little success so I don’t advise taking up this tactic. Roo’s predictions are winning at the moment so I’m thinking I need to team up with her to regain my standing.

Cooking up a Mexican inspired feast

Aldi recently brought out their very own Fiesta range of Mexican inspired foods. The range includes all the favourites including Fajitas, Nachos and Quesadillas. Alongside some fantastic salsa dips and sour cream pots. The Fiesta range is currently available as part of their Specialbuys which gave me the perfect opportunity to help get in the World Cup spirit by cooking up a Mexican inspired feast.

This is where I need to confess that Mr Boo is the true chef in our family. I can make the basics and I have my specialities that get pulled out time and time again. So whilst I like to try new foods for the family, I am always looking for the easiest option when it comes to preparation and cooking of the said meal. The Aldi Fiesta range is perfect for me, not only are they easy to prepare but taste amazing so it appears that I have worked magic in the kitchen – when in fact it is all down to the quality of the ingredients.

A person sitting at a table with a plate of food

Aldi Fiesta Quesadillas

The ‘Fiesta’ Mexican range is on Specialbuy at the moment so it seemed rude not to utilise one of these recipe packs. Lacking in skills in the kitchen I love that the Fiesta range tells you clearly on the boxes, what’s included and what else you need to add. Alongside this, it is the perfect opportunity to add in a little extra veg to not only ensure everyone is getting more of their five-a-day but to bulk up the servings (especially needed when feeding hungry mouths!). With Aldi offering a different selection of fruit and vegetables in their Super-6 offer every two weeks there is always something perfect to add into a dish or two.

The Fiesta Quesadilla meal I prepared for the family cost under £6.00 to feed a family of five – with some still left over

Shopping List

  • Fiesta Quesadilla Dinner Kit £1.35
  • Diced chicken 600g £2.89
  • 2x Peppers £0.74
  • Onion £0.20
  • Babycorn £0.69
  • Grated cheese (we already had this so not sure on cost)

Making the Quesadillas was so easy that I thin even Roo could manage it with a little supervision on the hob. Although the dinner kit would work without the additional vegetables, I feel it added a little extra flavour and bite to the tortillas. These went down so well I think I will have to stock up on the other Fiesta dinners kits for the next few Mexico matches. Although I might hide the Nachos from them – I don’t feel like sharing these!

Have you been making any World Cup inspired meals?

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