Things an Airport Taxi Driver Won't Tell You

5 Things an Airport Taxi Driver Won’t Tell You

November 23, 2022


When you get off a plane, the last thing you want to do is second-guess the transportation. Taxis have a rich history of reliability and service to the airport industry. But with modern travel options growing, airport taxis are no longer the only game in town. 

Things an Airport Taxi Driver Won’t Tell You

Things an Airport Taxi Driver Won't Tell You

Their Driving History

It’s important to know the story and vision of your chosen Airport Transport. Driving history is of particular importance but isn’t disclosed to the passengers. A simple picture with a name and ID tells you nothing about the person that is behind the wheel. You don’t know if they speed, if they obey traffic laws or if they have a past criminal history. Getting into a taxi isn’t the wild west, but it can certainly seem that way without the proper checks. The more you know, then the easier it becomes to meet passenger expectations. 

Personal Habits

Taxi companies have strict rules in place about cleanliness and driver attendance. But not all drivers follow the company rules. And in some cases, there are gaps in the rules that allow for abuse. A big one is smoking in the car, with or without a passenger. There are horrible stories of getting into a taxi that smells like a year-old ashtray. And worse yet, drivers that smoke while passengers are still in the car. Keeping the window down is not a deterrent to getting away from unwanted smoking.

Current Payment Options

This is a big one for anyone that is hopping off of a plane and just wants to get to their destination. In the modern world, plastic is the most convenient way to pay for services. Some airport taxi companies still only accept cash, and won’t always say it upfront. This creates a dilemma for the passenger that has to extend their trip to an ATM or ask someone else for the cash. Although some airport taxi companies have minimized this problem by going with third-party apps, there is still the problem of your information going to an unknown third-party payment processor. 

The Short Way

There is a bit of a logjam when getting out of the airport and onto the road. You may also have to deal with traffic jams, construction and other obstacles. The obvious choice for the passenger is for the taxi driver to take the shortest trip possible to the destination. But since they are paid by distance, you never quite know if they took the short way, or the long way. 


Tipping is good practice in the service industry. Like most services, tipping is optional, and the amount is completely up to the passenger. When a airport taxi service uses a third-party payment processor, the tipping automatically shows predetermined percentages. You are not obligated to choose any, and can simply hand the driver cash. This is an important thing to remember since the percentages can sometimes be obnoxious in their amounts. 

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A Reliable Driver Awaits

Feel safe and secure with your transportation by planning ahead. Waiting until the last minute will only complicate an itinerary. There is a major advantage to being travel preparations, and an airport taxi is no longer the only option.

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