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A Wide Variety of Modern Bathtubs

March 6, 2017

The extensive variety of modern bathtubs on the market nowadays offers buyers a plethora of options that they’ve never had to choose from before. Many contemporary bathtubs, for example, are now designed with comfort and pain relief in mind, more so than simply cleansing. In this article, we’ll examine some of the best available modern bathtubs you should consider adding to your home or property.

Different Styles of Modern Bathtubs

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Japanese style bathtubs

Japanese style bathtubs are designed with a nod to Japanese bathing rituals; usually manufactured out of wood in a deeper design to their counterparts. Several of these tubs also feature lids that can be positioned over them to maintain the heat of the water and prevent debris and dust from entering the tub. They have grown in popularity in North America in particular as a means for soaking, and in certain cases, can even be used as Jacuzzi tubs.

Jacuzzi bathtubs

A Jacuzzi bathtub can provide your space with a spa-like feel. Making use of heated water and jets to create a swirling whirlpool effect, this tub will assist in alleviating stress and pain. And there are many options regarding the location of a Jacuzzi bathtub too – a lot of people choose to situate their tub outside for year-round use. Again not typically used for the traditional purpose of cleansing, these styles of luxury bathtubs can essentially be placed anywhere in or outside a home and supplied complete with accompanying pumps and motors, can be made from fiberglass, wood or acrylic. Jacuzzi tubs are far deeper than most contemporary bathtubs as they can also be used as a soaking tub.

Clawfoot bathtubs

Meanwhile, if you are looking to add a sense of classic appeal to your bathroom, a clawfoot bathtub could be an ideal choice – such designs have made a notable comeback in recent years. Way back when, in the early stages of the 19th century, this style of tub featured a deep design with separate water fixtures. Most often, homes fitted with these traditional clawfoot bathtubs would feature a drain in the middle of the bathroom floor, allowing the tub to drain directly onto the floor and down the drain. Predominantly constructed from cast iron in the past, newly designed clawfoot bathtubs are now made out of other materials including acrylic and fiberglass.

Walk in bathtubs

Walk in bathtubs are another design growing in prominence, with these type of tubs particularly useful for the elderly and handicapped. Most of these kinds of tubs can be fit into an existing space but will make entering and leaving the bathtub a far less hazardous process. In fact, your walk in bathtub doesn’t even need to act as a replacement to your existing tub; it can be positioned in a corner with a faucet or other water source. Walk in bathtubs are predominantly manufactured from fiberglass, as this material offers a lower slip risk, and provides a more secure foothold. Certain walk in tubs allow for the installation of fitted jets to provide a Jacuzzi-like water flow.

As this article demonstrates, you can now choose modern bathtubs in a wide variety of styles and designs. The likes of whirlpool, spa-style and Jacuzzi bathtubs place a primary focus on soaking and relaxing rather than bathing, and for the most relaxing soak, opt for a bathtub fitted with jets. The classically designed claw foot bathtubs offer versatility in that they are equally adept in their use for bathing and soaking. If you are remodelling a bathroom to improve the safety aspect for the elderly, a walk in bathtub should be at the forefront of your thoughts, either as a replacement or an additional tub.

With such a huge range of options on offer, you’re sure to find a bathtub in any style you desire that will enhance not only the look of your bathroom but its functionality as well.

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