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Mother’s Day: Just For Me

March 6, 2017

When it comes to buying me a gift for Mother’s Day, birthday or Christmas I have to admit to being a little awkward. Whenever I am asked what I would like my mind goes blank, I shrug my shoulders and say ‘oh whatever’. Not very helpful and if that was me asking that question I’d be frustrated by the lack of ideas put forward.

You see the thing is, is that I spend the majority of my days thinking about what the children need, if Mr. Boo has everything and whether there is a gadget that can magically complete all my household chores for me.

If I am a pressed to give ideas they are usual practical ones like a tripod for my camera or a new microwave for the kitchen. Asking for something for myself, something just for me feels somewhat selfish and demanding.

Mother’s Day: Just For Me

Mother’s Day is coming up and Mr. Boo has already enquired as to what I I would like to receive from the children this year. And, of course, it was replied with ‘I don’t know’,  I have however promised to start looking at Mother’s Day gift ideas and give him some suggestions.

A person holding a bag

Joules Harmony Woven Scarf

I wrote a post a while back about being less of a frumpy mummy. One of the comments I received on that post from Kate On Thin Ice was that I could add a scarf to my outfit choices. I’ve got a couple of cheap scarves that I have grabbed in the sales but I love the fresh feel of this one from the Joules collection.

Joules Carryall Tote Bright Bag 

Leaving an age gap between my children has allowed just enough time to ditch changing bags in favour of something much more stylish. I am now back in the changing bag phase, however, I love that this bag would offer me the flexibility between mummy duties and just plain old me.

Radley Border Watch

I have a bit of a love affair when it comes to Radley. From bags to purses to stationery there is something about that little Scottie dog that I love. Generally speaking, I am one of those people who goes throughout the day not knowing what time it is. I have to check my phone or the TV for the times. In fact. I imagine it is one of the things about me that annoys Mr. Boo as I do tends to ask what the time is whenever we ate out. This simple yet classic designed watch looks beautiful and I think would coordinate with most of my wardrobe too.

Orla Kiely Four Pointed Flower Bracelet 

I’m not someone who wears a lot of jewellery. A mixture of working for the NHS and having children has meant that I have gotten out of the habit of putting something pretty or sparkly on. I really love the simple design of this bracelet, it isn’t one that would look out of place if worn everyday. Plus is has five flowers on it, one for each of us so it would feel as though I always have them close by.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post, however, I am a nightmare to buy for!

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