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The Right Mattress For You

June 7, 2018

How did you choose the mattress that is on your bed right now? Were you one of life’s organised and efficient people who took the time to research, try out and way up the pros and cons before you purchased? Or were you like me who bought the mattress as that was the one that came with the bed and headboard that I liked?

That’s right I bought my bed and mattress purely on what the headboard looked like. After all, that’s the main segment of the bed that you actually see every day. I still really like the headboard and the bed… the mattress, however, is a whole other story. If I’m completely honest I’ve not taken to it since the day it arrived. However, as I made the decision to purchase it I didn’t want to be the one to say to Mr Boo – this mattress is awful! For the past two years, we have put up with it. Blaming the middle of the night interruptions from Piglet as the reason for our poor quality of sleep. When really it is the mattress.

Recently I visited the Dreams factory in Oldbury, Birmingham and to say that my eyes were opened to what goes into a mattress and how you should choose the right one for you is somewhat of an understatement.

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What goes into creating a mattress

When it comes to mattresses I confess to being somewhat naive in this area. To me, they all looked virtually the same. With probably the biggest differences being whether they had springs inside or if it were a memory foam style. That, in a nutshell, was my expertise in this area – limited, to say the least.

After visiting the Dreams factory I now know that there are several different types of springs that can be housed inside a mattress. That it isn’t just a bit of fabric, springs, a layer of padding and a top layer of fabric that makes a mattress. It is so much more than this.

It starts with brainstorming who is likely to purchase the mattress. What are they looking for in their mattress in terms of support, comfort and feel? From this information, the Dreams team build a mattress by adding in the different layers to match the requirements. Selecting the right spring base before adding layers of padding, latex toppings, as well as treatments to these to make them anti-allergy etc.

A close up of a brick building

Once all the important insides are layered correctly to offer the support, comfort and fee required. It is now time to ensure that the aesthetics of the mattress are looked at. Those little details that make a product look and feel it’s best.

From the skirting around the side of the mattress to the handle placement. It’s all thought about and tested to ensure that it is durable and resilient to last the recommended eight years before you need to change your mattress again.

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Choosing the right mattress for you

When it comes to selecting the right mattress for you Dreams have this covered. Upon entering your local Dreams store they will ask you a couple of questions about how you sleep. Are you a side sleeper? Or do you tend to starfish the bed? From this they will hand you a pillow and point you in the direction of the mattresses they recommend to you. Each firmness rating is colour coded do you can see at a glance which mattresses may suit you.

You’re active encouraged to hop into bed lay down and get into your usual sleeping position. From this you can then see whether this the mattress for you, or whether you need to try another one – it’s quite good fun so you might want to try a few mattresses just for the fun of it!

Where can I buy the Mumsnet mattress?

The Mumsnet Kindred and Mumsnet Spirit mattress are available to purchase from Dreams.

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  • Laura Dove June 10, 2018 at 7:26 pm

    I love this!! As parents we all know how important it is to get a good nights sleep and a mattress designed by mums sounds like the ideal mattress to me!! Our mattress is terrible and I have a zillion back issues that aren’t helped by it, I will definitely be popping into my local Dreams store to check this out!

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