A change in management

January 24, 2012

At the beginning of December I received a letter from work informing me of a workforce review. There was a form attached to the letter as me to complete a number of things, for example, contracted hours, location, job role, responsibilities etc. As I read the letter two things concerned me.

Firstly, it stated that my line manager may change following this review. The problem I have is that it listed the two ladies whom may (or may not) become my new line manager. The thing is one of the ladies is one of my  previous line managers and although I can’t go into detail, there are reasons why I changed positions and line manager. The other lady is a dictator, she does not like any feedback from her staff and we have come across each other before and did not get on. So as you can see either option would not be great.

Secondly, my place of work (i.e. location) and work (i.e. my actual job) my change. So the way I read it is should they decide that they need me somewhere else, doing a different role then they will request for me to change. I literally work at the bottom of my street, less than 5 minutes away. I work there for many reasons not just because I am good at my job and I do enjoy it, but because my children’s school and nursery are all within that area. There is no way I could relocate and still take Roo to school and pick her up, Tigger I suppose is slightly easier as I could increase his hours at nursery but this would be an additional cost to me.

After receiving this letter I spoke with my line manager and asked if she knew anything about this review. She was honest with me and said no. After letting her read the letter, I asked if she also thought it read as though my line manager, location and role could all change. She agreed that this is how the letter sounded. I advised that I would be keeping a copy in case I needed to contact my union and she agreed that this would a wise thing to do.

I did mention to my current line manager that should either one of those ladies become my new line manager I would resigning, she understood where I was coming from.

The deadline for completing the form was last Friday, so now I just have to wait and see what the future holds. Although I didn’t want to return to work after having Tigger and financially understanding that I had to, I do like my job and my line manager. She is very understanding that I have children and occasionally childcare issues but she knows that I will always make my time up and work my socks off.

The future is uncertain… 

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