Ironing #JustMyThing

Ironing is not everyone’s cup of tea. In fact I think it’s either a love or hate task. Personally I love it, watching the creases disappear brings a sense of control back into my life. The feeling that if nothing else I can straighten out the washing and make my families clothes look presentable once more.

My ironing board was kindly donated my mam when I left home 11 years ago! All I have done to it is bought a cheaper cover it an attempt to make it look better than it did… It does look any better, in fact every time I get it out to iron I moan about the state of my ironing board. I’d love to buy a new one but it never seems to be at the top of my ‘need to buy’ list.

Our Morphy Richards iron was actually a wedding present, its doing well for lasting 9 years but again could do with replacing. However until it breaks I can’t see me actually getting a new one.

Whilst I love ironing I’m not someone who irons everything and certainly not my underwear! The way I see it is the crease get stretched out once you put them on, plus who actually sees your underwear?

Do you love or hate ironing?

Boo xxx



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