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The Gift Ideas To Help You Stay Organised Throughout The Year

May 8, 2023

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If we are honest, there is always going to be a time when you need to buy a gift. It could be a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Father’s or Mother’s Day, and let’s not forget Christmas, and that’s just a few occasions. Let’s not forget teacher gifts and perhaps even having to buy gifts for colleagues at work. Whatever the reason, it can often be hard to choose the right gift. 

Sometimes you will know exactly what to get, but other times you may need to think about it or choose something that might be a little more generic, but that you know will go down well. This is where this post has you covered. We are looking at different options, occasions, and what sort of gifts might work out well. Hopefully, you will never be caught short again. 

The more unique gift ideas

Let’s start with the gifts that are a little more unique and out there. This sort of gift will be suitable as a stocking filler on Christmas day, or perhaps a birthday gift that is a little more personal. No matter whether it is for mum or dad, male or female, these unique and personal ideas will have you covered. 

The Gift Ideas To Help You Stay Organised Throughout The Year - Notes & Clips


Finding something that they might be interested in can be hard, but one thing many people have in common is their love for stationery. Finding lovely planners and notebooks is easy when you know where to look, and websites like Notes & Clips could be the ideal option. Stationery could be anything from a set of lovely pens, a planner they can use daily or help them achieve specific goals, notebooks, post-it notes, folders and files, the list goes on.

A novelty gift

Everyone loves a novelty gift, so why not indulge in one for your friends or family. These days you can buy anything they may like from a novelty printed t-shirt or hoodie to funny socks and underpants. A novelty gift is likely to be something you choose because the recipient is going to find it funny. So take this into account when you are looking for certain things for them. 


Another great personalised gift would be glassware. This is where you can get things like wine glasses or something more specific like a whisky glass. Engraved with names or descriptions of the person you are gifting. This is a more personal and unique choice, but it is definitely a gift idea that could work for any occasion. Engraved champagne glasses as a gift for a wedding, a wine or whiskey glass for a birthday, or even an engraved vase for a specific occasion. Where every time that person fills that vase with flowers they will be reminded of the gift. This can be a great choice if you are ever stuck. 

Something engraved

Another thing to consider getting engraved would be existing jewellery or something new. Or even things like paperweights and stationery used in the workplace. A personalised planner, or maybe even a notebook that they can use. Engravings are again another personal choice but it shows thought if you can connect the idea of an engraving with something they love, enjoy using, or will treasure for a long time. Once you think about it, there are plenty of things you could get engraved.

Something for him

If you have a male member of the family or friend to buy for then you may be looking for specific gift ideas that will work well. Here are some ideas to help you get started. 


Socks might seem a little boring, but they can be a very practical gift. Mostly, a pair of socks or a set of socks are gifted at Christmas as the perfect stocking filler, but if you are looking for a gift for another occasion then it could still be an option. 


Hampers are a great way to add some of their favourite items into one gift. You could include some of the special food items they like, for example, chocolate or crisps. You could also add luxuries or bath stuff like their favourite scented items. Even a bottle of aftershave could work well. The hamper can be just as you want it to be, and perfectly unique and personal as well. 

Something alcoholic

Who doesn’t love a tipple of their favourite alcoholic beverage as a gift? So a great option is to perhaps buy a bottle of that just for him. Anything from champagne to whisky will surely go down a treat. 

The Gift Ideas To Help You Stay Organised Throughout The Year - Notes & Clips Stationery Box

Something for her

Perhaps you are stuck on female gift ideas for birthdays or other occasions you have coming up. Here are some suggestions to help you. 

Stationery sets 

It is likely to be more of a female thing to have stationery. Many women will agree they have notebooks and planners for all sorts of occasions, so the perfect gifts for stationery addicts might be getting them a stationery set. If in doubt, stationery can often be the answer and it will work for any occasion. 

Pamper sets

There is nothing quite like getting an array of pampering gift sets as a gift. Many of us will love a new bath soak to try or a facial wash to use. Face masks and pampering essentials can also be a great options as a gift. Many brands that you might look to for pamper sets will always have some promotion or a combination of options put together, making the perfect set. Or you could create your own personal pamper set so that it is more personal to the person you are buying a gift for. 

Pyjamas or loungewear

Another great gift for the females in your life is pyjamas or loungewear. Buying some new sets will be a great way to show you care. Let’s face it, many of us have lived in these sorts of things this past year. So a new set as a gift will always be well-received. 

Let’s hope this has given you some gift ideas to work with.

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