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7 Ways to Quieten your Thoughts Even if you Have a Busy Mind

February 7, 2019

Are you one of those whose brains run a mile a minute, and you end up feeling overwhelmed and frazzled with the millions of thoughts that you have?

Here’s some actual help your way. Read on to discover 7 powerful ways you can quieten your mind and stay at your grounded best.

Ways you can quieten your mind

A person lying on a bed

Pay Attention

Simply observing your thoughts can have a powerful effect on you- when you are a witness to your own mental chatter, you actually realize how it does more harm to you than good, and eventually, it helps you calm down your thoughts naturally. Make sure you don’t judge yourself for the thought patterns you have.

Create Counter Thoughts

By finding the positive side of each negative thought that you have, and creating counter thoughts consciously, you’ll be able to reframe your mind into a more positive one. This one may be a tad bit difficult initially, but consistency is the key, and finally, the stress and anxiety that come with the constant negative thoughts and worries will disappear.

Speak Right

Your words- both spoken and imagined, have a powerful impact on your life. Make sure you choose the right ones. Observe your thoughts- are they usually full of worry, anger and all those negative emotions? Is your speech full of stress and anxiousness? Transform the effects of those thoughts and words into more positive ones by using simple, peaceful and loving words whenever you speak (or think).


Wait what? Yes, you read that right. Often, the mental chatter arises due to your inability to handle a particular situation or you over analyzing things. When you exercise, on the other hand, you put your physical and mental self to work and shift your attention to something more constructive. Plus, you’ll also get a good boost of those endorphins while you’re at it.

Breathe Deep

Don’t fancy meditation? Taking slow, deep breaths whenever you can is almost as good. Whenever you can, consciously slow down your breath and make it deep. Observe the rise and fall of your chest. When the mind is agitated and you’re thinking a million thoughts, your breath often races. By paying attention to your breath, you can help quieten your mind.

Live in the Moment

Sure, this one does take a bit of effort, but do it more often and watch how it transforms your life magically and calms down your monkey brain. Stop overanalyzing things and situations, and mentally planning the next day’s activities and tasks- especially those that are stressful. Just relax and take things one at a time- be more mindful.

Get Out

Whether it means taking a lunch break at a nearby park or taking a short hike on a weekend- make sure you find the time to get out and in touch with nature as much as you can. The more you do this, the more you’ll feel the sense of calm and peace that you’ve been craving for, and you’ll feel much more grounded and centred than ever before!

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