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Self-Care Tips for the Working Mum

December 13, 2017

You come home exhausted from work and as soon as you walk in the door you are in constant demand to care for your children and tend to household chores. You love your family and your job, but when you feel burnt out there is no way you can be your best self at home or at work. In order to stay afloat and reduce your stress, you must recognise the ways in which you require self-care. Embrace necessary habits and routines of self-care so you can be a better mum, friend and employee.

A woman standing in front of a window

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

While it may seem difficult to get to the gym, working out can actually bolster your energy. With a frequent and consistent workout routine, your body will create mood-boosting endorphins and develop a faster metabolism that supports an even-keeled energy level. Not only will your workouts ensure that you are ready to tackle your daily demands, but they will also have positive, long-terms effects for your health. Inactive adults have a higher risk for early death, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, depression and certain cancers. Prevent potential ailments and be your best self with regular, physical activities that you enjoy.

Finding Your Bliss

Another way to stay physically healthy is to support your body’s need for rest and relaxation. One of the most important elements of good health is sleep. Without proper rest, you can’t meet the physical and mental needs of either your job or your family. Even though you feel like you need to utilise as many waking hours as you can, you should always give yourself eight hours of sleep. A tool that can support your slumber is a high-quality mattress that turns your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary. Memory foam mattresses are ideal styles, as they will adjust to your body and ergonomically accommodate your sleeping positions. Many working mums encounter a struggle to fall asleep because they have a mental laundry list of pending tasks for the week that keep their minds alert. Still the mind with a noise machine that distracts you from your racing thoughts and induces sleepiness.

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Mindfulness and Mental Health

The stressful lifestyle of a working mum can take a toll on your mental and emotional health. Give yourself at least an hour during the day where you can participate in a practice of mindfulness and stillness. One way you can do this is to keep a journal or diary, and designate time for writing down your thoughts everyday. These should not be thoughts about what you need to do for work or home, but thoughts about what influences your feelings and emotions. This is a therapeutic practice that helps you work through your stress and worries, leaving them on paper and considering the ways in which you can dismantle them. Another practice of mindfulness is meditation, which has been shown to support mental health, reduce anxiety, improve physical health and generate greater energy. There are guided meditation apps that have sessions designed to help you deal with the different kinds of stresses in your life.

Spending Time With Friends

Friends can help remedy a tough week with their humor, relatable anecdotes and unconditional acceptance of who you are. While you may feel guilty about leaving your family to hang with the gals, you should make time to be with the people who lift you up. Treat yourself to a girl’s night every now and then so you can let off some steam and connect with your peers. Your friends are likely experiencing some of the same trials and tribulations, which will make you feel a sense of solidarity and support.

These tips and considerations will support your health, maintain your energy and lower your stress levels. As a working mom, investing in your well being will help you balance a busy work schedule and your personal obligations.

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