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50 Halloween Costume Ideas

October 6, 2019

It may not feel like it, but Halloween is approaching! The crisp air and Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back, and we’ll be getting ready to attend our first Halloween party of the year. It’s not hard to find a Halloween costume, but it’s certainly hard to decide on one. There are so many options out there, and some are easier to pull off than others. This list will help you spark the creativity you need to own Halloween!

While some of these costumes can be store-bought, others are easier to make at home. Depending on your level of creativity, you can make any of these costumes at home with the right materials. 

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  1. Sarah Jessica Parker (wear a floral dress and a horse mask)
  2. Wonder Woman (it’s easy to find a premade costume in a store)
  3. Bob Ross (wear a brunette afro wig, along with Bob’s signature outfit. Don’t forget a paint palette!)
  4. Teletubbies (add a tin foil square to a plain coloured dress. Attach a pipe cleaner to a headband and form the shape of your Teletubby’s antenna)
  5. Student debt (cap + gown covered in loan statements, low credit scores, and tuition bills. Any millennial knows how scary this costume will be!)
  6. Your significant other (wear your partner’s clothes and do your hair like them, or buy a wig)
  7. Instagram filter dog (find a set like this one
  8. Christmas tree (wear a green dress and poke ornaments through it)
  9. Insta-Gram (dress up like an old lady, and attach the Instagram logo to your outfit)
  10. Statue of Liberty (find an outfit in a store or online)
  11. Alice from Alice In Wonderland (buy this in a store)
  12. Grumpy Cat (RIP)
  13. Minnie Mouse (make this at home by modifying a red dress and buying the proper mouse ears)
  14. SpongeBob (the sponge is your shirt. Tuck it into your shorts and get some suspenders)
  15. Darla from Finding Nemo (this girl, in case you forgot about this little demon. Place a Goldfish cracker in a doggie bag)
  16. Ariel from The Little Mermaid (red wig, purple bathing suit, any kind of green bottoms)
  17. Whatever you wore 10 years ago (for a throwback photoshoot!)
  18. Kim Possible (natural redhead wig, black long sleeve crop top, cargo pants and a loose belt)
  19. Princess Leia (the hardest part will be those buns!)
  20. The Third Wheel (make or buy a steering wheel, write “Third Wheel” on it and jump into couples’ photos)
  21. Loofah (make your own costume by following this guide!)
  22. Cheshire Cat (find a costume in a store, or make your own)
  23. Donald Trump (just wear a suit, some bronzer, and a blonde toupee)
  24. Skeleton (many stores sell leggings and long sleeve shirts with a skeleton print on them)
  25. Pac-Man Ghost (add felt eyes to a plain coloured dress)
  26. The Joker (paint your face to look like your favourite version of The Joker, and spray your hair green)
  27. Eleven from Stranger Things (pink dress and Eggo waffles)
  28. Buzz Lightyear (find a costume in a store or online)
  29. Jessie from Toy Story (find a costume online, or put one together with clothes you already own)
  30. Anyone from Orange is the New Black (find a character you look the most like, wear an orange jumpsuit and imitate their hairstyle)
  31. Jasmine from Aladdin (buy in a store or online)
  32. Ash from Pokémon (use clothing you already own to create his signature outfit, then paint a Pokeball onto a baseball cap)
  33. Misty from Pokémon (same idea, but don’t forget the orange wig!)
  34. Missandei from Game of Thrones (wear her signature blue crisscross dress)
  35. Cactus (wear a green outfit and attach clothespins to it)
  36. Giraffe (simply apply giraffe spots to your face with makeup and put your hair into two side buns)
  37. Winnie the Pooh (red crop top, yellow pants or shorts, make your own ears out of a headband)
  38. Carrot (wear all orange and wear a green tutu on your head)
  39. Boo from Monster’s Inc (pigtails, purple leggings, long pink shirt)
  40. Popcorn (wear a red and white striped skirt with a white top. Cut out yellow popcorn shapes and attach them to the shirt)
  41. Strawberry (cut out seed shapes and attach them to a plain red dress. Wear a green tutu on your head)
  42. Thing 1 or Thing 2 (You can find a Thing 1 or Thing 2 shirt online or make your own and pair it with a blue tutu)
  43. 90’s Styrofoam cup (simply buy a shirt with the classic 90’s cup print on it. Find one here. Pair it with any pants or bottoms)
  44. Napoleon Dynamite (wear an auburn afro wig, circle glasses, and a Vote for Pedro T-shirt tucked into jeans. Find one here)
  45. Annie (wear a redhead curly wig, and pair it with a red dress. Sew on the white accents)
  46. Scarecrow (wear a straw hat, a flannel shirt, and jeans. Do your makeup to complete the look)
  47. Ghost (cut holes for your eyes, nose, and mouth into a white bedsheet. Wear a hat to hold it in place)
  48. Candy cane (wear a yellow shirt, an orange skirt, and a white cone-shaped hat)
  49. Dustin from Stranger Things (wear a curly-haired brunette wig, and pair it with Dustin’s signature hat)
  50. PowerPuff Girl (wear a plain coloured dress in either pink, blue, or green. Pair it with a black belt around your waist)
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Halloween costume shopping doesn’t have to be stressful! Planning a few months ahead will leave you with time to consider all of your options, gather supplies, and even change your mind. Will you throw something together quickly, or will you make an elaborate costume? The choice is yours!

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