What Halloween activities can teenagers enjoy?

16 Halloween Activities for Teens

October 5, 2023

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Halloween parties are no fun without party games and activities. It is important to keep kids busy and active at your Halloween party if you want it to be a success. This article will provide you with several ideas on Halloween activities and party games for teenagers to enjoy.

What Halloween activities can teenagers enjoy?

Teens will laugh the hours away at your party with these Halloween activities and games. Try these ideas for your Halloween party and your kids will thank you.

What Halloween activities can teenagers enjoy?

A Zombie Contest Is So Much Fun

This Halloween game is as fun to watch as it is to play. For this activity explain to kids that they are in a zombie contest, and the best zombie will win a prize. You can also award prizes in several categories such as least dead zombie, cutest zombie, smartest zombie, meanest zombie, and so on. Feel free to be creative. It is nice to provide a category that each kid can win in so no one feels left out. Hand out the prizes like you are handing out award trophies for this Halloween game.

Pumpkin Seed Spitting Contest Are Fun Halloween Games

Another fun game for kids is a pumpkin seed spitting contest. For this game you will need pumpkin seeds, a small pail or bucket, markers, and a piece of poster board. Before the day of the party place the bucket on the center of the poster board and outline it. Then create several circles growing from the size of the bucket to the edge of the paper. Color in each ring differently and assign them point values. To play this Halloween game, have kids line up behind the poster board and spit pumpkin seeds. The kid with the most points wins.

Pumpkin Toss And Roll

For this game, you will need to break the kids into groups of two. You will also need a large pumpkin for each group, tape, bandanas, and rings. Rings can be made by twisting pipe cleaners together or cutting the centre out of plastic coffee can lids. Start the game by drawing a line on both sides of the room or the yard. Then line all of the kids along one line. Have kids tie a bandana on the eyes of one member of the team as a blindfold.

Then have the groups work together to get roll the pumpkin from one line to the next. The blindfolded kid must roll the pumpkin and the other team member must direct him. When the pumpkins reach the final line have the unfolded member return to the first line. This team member will toss all of the rings in their possession onto the pumpkin stem. The team who gets all of the rings on the pumpkin stem first will win. The previously blindfolded member can return the rings to the partner to save time in between throws.

What Halloween activities can teenagers enjoy?

A haunted house adventure

Gather up your older kids and their friends for a thrilling haunted house adventure this Halloween season! Find one with a scary theme such as “Stranger Things” or the “Blair Witch Project,” and prepare yourself for an evening full of spine-tingling chills!

Extravagant Pumpkin Patch Extravaganza!

Visits to the pumpkin patch are a timeless Halloween activity for kids of all ages. Teens can select their perfect pumpkin for carving into jack-o’-lanterns or use for pumpkin bowling, not forgetting to take lots of pictures among orange balloons and googly-eyed scarecrows!

Once you’ve acquired pumpkins, it’s time to unleash creativity! Host a pumpkin carving contest among your teenage party guests and supply carving tools, stencils and plenty of orange gourds – set a time limit and let their creativity run free – don’t forget a black light so their masterpieces stand out even more.

Scary Movie Night

What would Halloween be without a spine-tingling cinematic experience and scary movies? Decorate your living room with spider webs, black balloons and plastic spiders before cueing up some classic horror flicks such as Hocus Pocus or Stranger Things for an immersive movie night experience. And don’t forget the popcorn and Halloween candy for an enjoyable movie-viewing session!

What Halloween activities can teenagers enjoy?

Candlelight Ghost Stories By Candlelight

Recreate an atmosphere from decades past with an evening of ghost tales! Gather together in a dimly-lit room, using only candlelight, and take turns telling scary tales from first person perspectives. Be sure to include comprehension questions after every tale to keep everyone engaged!

An interactive murder mystery party

Host an interactive murder mystery party this Halloween season that is both thrilling and engaging! Choose a Halloween-themed scenario, assign roles to each guest and have them work together in solving the puzzle while dressed in their best Halloween attire – this party combines costume contests with deductive reasoning!

Are You Up For An Escape Room Challenge

Looking for a fun way to engage high school students this Halloween season? Consider organising an escape room challenge featuring Halloween-inspired clues and puzzles and challenging them to escape within a set time limit from an unsettling room full of ghostly props – it will put their problem-solving abilities and teamwork skills to the test!

What Halloween activities can teenagers enjoy?

halloween themed Charades

Charades is an age-old classic that can easily be given a Halloween twist. Simply write out various Halloween-related words and phrases on slips of paper, and have everyone take turns acting them out without speaking aloud – whether that means imitating black cats or imitating witches’ cackles, this game will guarantee lots of laughs!

Fear Factor Challenge For Teens

Are your teens up for an adrenaline-filled scare? Organise a “Fear Factor” challenge. Create a series of creepy and gross challenges like touching slimy substances or blindly identifying items while blindfolded. But take note: participants must complete these tasks in the dark with only black light as guidance!

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

A Halloween scavenger hunt is an engaging way to keep the fun going this Halloween season. Set out a list of Halloween-related items for teens to discover, such as mini pumpkins, witches’ hats and vampire teeth; give clues and riddles leading them there; reward winners with extra candy!

What Halloween activities can teenagers enjoy?

Halloween Crafts

If your group includes both older and younger kids, create a Halloween craft station. Give each participant supplies such as tissue paper, paper plates, toilet paper rolls and googly eyes to use when creating Halloween projects – perfect for smaller groups to encourage creativity! This activity also makes an excellent break during long meetings!

Costume Contest

No Halloween party would be complete without a costume contest. Ask your teen party guests to dress in their most creative and frightening Halloween attire and showcase it all for you during a contest with prizes for categories like “Most Creative Costume” or “Scariest Costume.”

Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest

Create the classic game of bobbing for apples into an irresistibly delicious pumpkin pie eating contest! Fill a large tub with slices topped with whipped cream-covered pumpkin pie and have teens search for treats hidden within it to see who can finish first – an engaging yet messy competition that is sure to please.

Halloween Candy Swap

For an extra treat at the end of a night of scary fun, host a Halloween Candy Swap. Teenagers can bring back all the treats they collected while trick-or-treating and trade with one another to find their favourites – it’s sure to put a sweet cherry on top of an evening spent trick-or-treating!

What Halloween activities can teenagers enjoy?

Halloween Prizes for teenagers

There are many fun prizes for Halloween party games and activities, and kids will enjoy a variety of prizes. Fake eyeballs, fingers, and ears are inexpensive and perfect for Halloween. Gummy worms and other candies are also appropriate. Spider, bat, and other Halloween-themed dolls are great prizes for these Halloween games and activities for kids as well.

Final Thoughts

Halloween is a time for teens to embrace the spooky and have lots of fun. Whether they’re exploring haunted houses, competing in costume contests, or enjoying a scary movie ƒnight, there are plenty of great ideas for teen Halloween activities. So, gather your older kids and their friends, and get ready for a Halloween night filled with thrills, chills, and unforgettable memories.

Happy Halloween!

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