REVIEW: When I dream of ABC

September 11, 2012
‘When I Dream if ABC will take children on a magical journey of discovery and will help them to learn the alphabet as they meet the inhabitants of an enchanted dreamworld’

When I dream of ABC, by Mr Henry Fisher
Published by Top That!

A delightful boom taking children on a magical journey through their ABC, right up to XYZ too. With each page turn a new colourful illustration is available to capture children’s imagination along with a charming rhyme or story.

Boo Roo and Tigger Too’s thoughts

This book has been gracing us at bedtime for the past week or so alongside another book from the range. Roo really has a grasp on the alphabet now she is starting Year 1 at school, however it was lovely so see that each letter was not necessarily the animal/character that you would first choose. Roo’s favourite letter…

N is for Nurse

Nurse are very kind and gentle and help you feel better with medicine and lollipops.

What was great for Tigger was that After you have reached Z, turn the page to find the whole alphabet spread across two pages, great for letter recognition.

Personally I found this book great for learning without the children realising, teaching them not only alphabet but fun animals, characters and roles.

A great gift idea for babies, pre-school and beyond.


Paperback – RRP £6.99
Hardback – RRP £7.99


Top That! PublishingAmazon and other good book retailers

Also look for Top That! Apps in the Apple iTunes Store

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  • […] have been alternating this book with another from the series for the last week or so.  Roo really enjoys the mini stories that come with each new character. […]

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