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The Importance of Family Holidays

March 16, 2019

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Getting away as a family matters. But why exactly?

To get a good tan? To take some good photos? To have an excuse to hit the cocktails before noon? Absolutely, but there are much more important factors involved in going away together that you will benefit from.

While it’s likely you won’t need much persuading when it comes to booking your family a nice trip away, you can take solace in the fact that you’ll be helping yourself and the rest of your loved ones in a number of ways.

Why family holidays are important

A young boy standing on a beach

Breaking the Routine

The old saying ‘you work to live and don’t live to work’ reigns true when it comes to a family getaway. For the sake of yours and everyone else’s sanity, it’s important you break up your day-to-day lives with some extra-curricular fun, and a holiday is a pretty great way to do it.

Escaping the ‘how was your day? Fine…’ routine that comes with everyday work and school life is a really healthy practice. A holiday allows for more engaging conversation, some fun activities and a high chance you’ll all return to normal life with a sense of refreshment and energy.

Playtime is Healthy

It doesn’t matter if you’re three or 83, playtime is good for you!

Holidays offer a platform away from the stresses of working life where parents get the chance to play properly with their kids without the distractions of a work deadline or an upcoming meeting.

For younger children, playtime is an essential part of their development, and after the Telegraph released some sobering statistics back in 2017, it appears we should be trying to focus more on getting some quality recreational time in with our little ones.

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Making Memories

One of the more obvious benefits of a big trip away; holidays give you the chance to create great memories that will last a lifetime.

Naturally, when you go on holiday you will be spending your time and money on big days out, great meals at night and once in a lifetime activities that are bound to stick in the mind.

When you come to look back on your life, a lot of positive memories tend to come from your holidays, and these are great to hold on to as the kids get older. Likewise, great holidays contribute to memories of a happy childhood.

Strengthening Bonds

Whilst you’re making memories and spending true quality time together, you are helping to solidify your family relationships that are such a key part of life.

Whether it’s a cottage in the Lake District or camping holidays in Spain, a week of constant exposure to one another leads to better, potentially important, conversations that you wouldn’t otherwise have had. As well as the fun times spent together, it gives your children a chance to open up and speak their mind, and that offers potential benefits to life when you get back to normal.

Such is the importance of a family break, in fact, that the Family Holiday Association is a charity specifically set up to help struggling families enjoy some time away together. So, if you can get away, you should.

Now you know all the additional benefits, you don’t need any more excuses to book your next family adventure.

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