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Which Downton Abbey character do you identify with?

January 21, 2016

I’m sure I’m not the only person who shed a tear on Christmas Day at the final episode of Downton Abbey. The period drama following the lives of the Crawley family came to an end and I’ll be honest when I hope that they will reprise the series in a few years time to let us know what happened to Lady Mary and Lord Grantham as the years went by. I have, however, been getting my fix of Downton Abbey from the start with the show being shown again from the start on ITV Encore – I couldn’t remember Cora being so tough, so mean, so American in the first series. Good job the decided to warm her character up for the remaining seasons.

Daz has revealed that a whopping two-thirds of us display the characteristics of Lady Mary, which means that, as a nation, we’re a progressive bunch who believe in tradition but are all for change if it improves the situation.

A drawing of a personLady Mary types embrace innovation and are always looking for new ways to use technology, but do believe in maintaining a work, life balance. They generally look for quick and easy solutions to everyday tasks, like laundry. Believing themselves to be loyal, elegant and passionate, having clean, perfectly pressed underwear that looks and smells good, is a top priority.

Aside from Lady Mary, 15% of us share characteristics of the Earl of Grantham being stable, dependable and intelligent and liking a crisp white shirt to wear every day. Only a mere 10% see towels every day and using technology only when necessary.

Which Downton Abbey character do you identify with?

Taking a light-hearted look at which characters the nation most resembles, it seems that Lady Mary’s personality double is probably only an armchair away.

Lady Mary: 64%
* Loyal, elegant and passionate the Lady Mary’s are the next generation redefining tradition
* Great smelling, perfectly pressed underwear makes them happiest

Earl of Grantham: 15%
* Stable, dependable and intelligent, they think of themselves as the head of the family
* Crisp, white, wrinkle-free shirts are their laundry priority

A drawing of a personMrs Patmore: 10%
* Down to earth, caring and forgiving, Mrs Patmore’s are the carers of the family and run the household
* Clean tea towels with no stains in sight are key

Branson: 4%
* Moral, reserved and sceptical. They are traditional through and through
* Vests and shirts make up the bulk of their laundry, to keep them looking sharply dressed

Dowager Countess of Grantham: 3%
* Proper, traditional and practical they prefer not to work unless they have to
* They don’t do the laundry. Ever.

Thomas: 3%
* Ambitious, driven and successful they will do whatever it takes to help family get ahead
* Most likely suited and booted, they prefer to do washing as little as possible

For those missing the maids… check out this video


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post, however, I do truly love and miss Downton Abbey (sob)

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